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Work in Detail with Itemized Receipt Template

Just like the other receipts, an itemized receipt serves as the proof of transaction made between a seller and a buyer after the successful payment. However, the itemized receipt template has to provide more specific and detail in indicating all goods involved in a transaction.

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How Itemized Receipt Template Work?

An itemized receipt template guides the users to give explanations about products and services you offer to the customers, to fill the list of detail about the products or services including the price for each unit, and to perform the product’s sold quantity.

Important Aspects Should be in Your Itemized Receipt Template

Detailed information is the key to a successful and responsible itemized receipt. The details will also be useful for both buyers and sellers to manage and control the purchase traffic. Are you sure enough with your chosen template? Make sure that it includes the following information.

  1. Put the name of the company or business along with the company logo.
  2. Leave your company contact at least one kind that is the easiest to contact.
  3. Describe each purchased item.
  4. Write the price for each of the items purchased and add tax for taxable items.
  5. Write the grand total of the payment that should be made.
  6. Give the date of purchase.
  7. Offer the available payment method.

Choosing the Proper Itemized Receipt Template for Your Business

Besides the availability of all the basic components, you also need to consider the design and organization of the template. The simple and well-organized template works best. All of the components should be put in the right order.

Utilizing Itemized Receipt Template

After getting the proper itemized receipt template, all you have to do is just presenting the information about your buyers and what they buy as detail as possible. Here are some details that might help you not to skip anything in your template.

  1. Input the receipt number first as it is crucial for your filing. It will make you easier to track your purchasing data by using your special ordered number to sign each of the purchasing records.
  2. Fill the date section with the date when the receipt is generated.
  3. Fill the seller name and complete the contact details of the seller.
  4. Write the buyer name with a complete name. Write clearly because the buyer can be an individual, organization, company, etc.
  5. Fill the description column with the kinds of names of items purchased.
  6. Write the number of items in the quantity column.
  7. Fill the price for each item in the “price/unit” column. In the “line total” column, times the quantity with the price per item to get the total amount of payment for each kind of item.
  8. Total all of “line total” to get the subtotal for all kinds of items.

If you do not give any discount and the items you sell are not a taxable one, just skip to fill these sections in your itemized receipt template. You already get the final payment to request to your buyer. Do not forget to fill the payment method section with the requested method from the buyer.

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