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Acknowledgment Receipt Template for Transaction Record

Every single day, there is a big chance that you will be involved in a transaction. It can be as simple as purchasing something at a nearby grocery store or even a huge purchase done by your corporation. In any case, you will obtain a form of acknowledgment receipt template as a record that the transaction occurs. What is about the receipt that makes it so important?

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Acknowledgement Receipt Template Uses

What is the use of this particular template? This is a document that provides validation that a transaction has occurred. It is usually released by the service provider to a customer. Because this is an official document, it can be a legal record if you actually conducted a certain transaction with that one vendor.

Acknowledgement Receipt Template Contents

In order to provide adequate transaction record, understandably you need to pay attention to the content of your acknowledgement receipt template. Here are the basic contents you would find in the transaction receipt.

  1. Service or goods

The most important content that needs to be presented in the receipt would be service or goods in question. You have to describe the kind of service or goods being discussed in the exchange as well as the quantity if it can be quantified. Sometimes, it does not have to be service or goods because the exchange does not involve payment.

  1. Value of items

You need to state the value of item mentioned in the receipt, especially in the case of payment receipt. When it comes to payment receipt, you have to mention the value of each item as well as the total price that customer paid at the end. If there is price cut, then it should be mentioned in the receipt too.

  1. People involved in the transaction

The document should also name people who are involved in the transaction. In the case of corporate exchange, it would actually be more helpful if you write down the name of representative for each party. This would make it easier to find the person in charge of transaction if there is any issue in the future.

  1. Statement of acknowledgement

No matter what kind of receipt that you are making, you should include statement which serves as acknowledgement as certain act done by the other party. If it is a payment acknowledgement receipt template, the statement should mention that the service provider has provided the requested service or good and that they have been paid for.

Acknowledgement Receipt Template Types

There are many types of templates available. The most basic one would the payment receipt because it is widely used by people. Other types of templates are also available. As an example, there is a job opening at your company and many people send in their profiles. You can send these people emails to acknowledge that you have received the profiles.

Acknowledgement Receipt Template Design Templates

In this era, acknowledgement receipt template is not only distributed in paper format. You can actually find many of them in electronic form these days. There are designs that mostly have monochromatic color palate. They used for official purpose. However, you can find less common templates that are cheaper to produce in electronic form because they are colorful and includes a lot of graphics.

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