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Best Purchase Receipt Template Sets that Suitable for Any Sale Activities

The receipt is something that cannot be excluded if you’re running a business that provides goods or services. The purchase receipt template is one of the many types of receipts that commonly found daily. It is a piece of document that proves that a person has bought and paid products, items, materials, or services, as their purchase record. Providing a presentable receipt is essential but can be a bit challenging. That’s why these templates may help you to create a well-made receipt with the provided format and samples.

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Purchase Receipt Template Samples

Purchase receipt template is a document that informs about the information and details of a purchase made a buyer, which are including the date, time, list of purchased items, their prices, total price amounts payment method, the store address, additional information regarding the return, and other relevant information related to the sales. The receipt is important not only because it allows the buyer to check the details about their purchases, but also to use in case they want to return or exchange the bought products.

Purchase Receipt Template Categories

There are several types of purchase receipt template exist and can be found on this page. See which one of them is the most suitable to use for your business:

  1. Cash Register Receipt

This is the type of receipt that most commonly found and typically used by the retail stores. Whether the customer is buying food, clothes, or other items, they would be given this printed receipt from the cashier’s register.


  1. Hand-written Receipts

For the companies who often conduct their business by traveling, on the road, or outside the official sales spot, it is ideal to utilize hand-written receipt. The sales associates may bring the printed blank receipt and fill it out by hand.


  1. Packing Slips

For the purchase that made online or telephone, packing slips are usually attached to the goods that shipped to the customers. They contain information such as the purchasing date and time, goods’ details as well as their quantities.


  1. Carbon Copies

Although carbon copy is not used as widely as they used to anymore, some companies still make their receipts using this material. If the receipt documenting in your company is done digitally, you must make sure that the software you use is capable to store each receipt digitally. If the carbon copy receipt is made using the handwriting method, then it is important to record and track the copy manually.

Purchase Receipt Template Importance

The purchase receipt must be generated and handed right after the buyer exchange the money. The receipt can help both the customers and your business by containing relevant information such as the product or service purchase details, time and date of the sale, the price of items, and so on.

Customizable Purchase Receipt Template

Choose any purchase receipt template available here to use for free. You can just use it as it is, or personalize it to match with your brand or to add your logo or business name. the template is easy to download and easy to use for any purpose.

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