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If you are looking for a way to create blank receipt form in a fast and easy way, then get these free professional-looking templates here for any type of business that you’re running. Also known as slip, listing, or billing, these professional receipt templates are going to help you make a formatted acknowledgment document about the payment of goods, services, or property made by your clients or customers.

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Professional Receipt Templates

The receipt is an umbrella term for any document types to record transactions, such as slips, invoices, or rosters.  To make the receipt organized, efficient, and professional, there are some things that you have to make sure are included in the template. The receipt should contain the purchase date. It also has to have a list of items that were sold, every one of its prices, and the total price amounts that have to be paid. Most of the professional receipt templates include sales tax, as it is required in many countries to be included inside as well.

Professional Receipt Types

As it has been mentioned, receipts can differ a lot in appearance as the term refers to varying types of transactional document. Not all receipts are made equal depending on the reason and the date it is issued. Read about the most common types of it, from the list in the following:

  1. Full invoice

The full invoice is the most classic and most comprehensive type of receipt. It contains complete details and information regarding the sale. Full invoice is a legal tax document, so it usually only issued when there’s a large sum of transaction payment pertained.


  1. Simplified invoice

For a business that runs on medium to the low sale price, using a simplified invoice or more known as sales receipt is the most ideal option. It includes only the necessary information on the transaction, so it is easier to read and understand by the average customers.


  1. Debit note

A debit note is a more formal type of accounting document for receipt. It is used when there are requested money to be paid or returned. The debit note is sent before the official invoice is mailed to the clients, as prior information.


  1. Credit note

Credit is related closely to debit note, as this is issued once the money has been returned. It is sent by the vendor to inform the customer that the credit has received, or they could send an original invoice in place.

Professional Receipt for Business

The professional receipts need to be made in a neat and proper format so you could easily be made a document of them. The purpose of documenting the sale transactions is to record the profits and expenses. The company activities in terms of accounting can be more transparent, more comprehensible, and more certifiable.

Download Professional Receipt for Free

These templates of professional receipts allow you to create, edit, and personalize the receipt form that has been designed and formatted accordingly. You would be able to provide the customers of your business with proper, valid, and legible receipts in no time.

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