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All You Want to Know About Customizing Hotel Receipt Template

Hotels issues receipts as an official document to prove the transactions that deal with their clients, suppliers, and guests. The receipts may vary in appearance and content depend on the policy applied in the hotel. However, the hotel receipt template contains the basic important information to guide you in customizing your own.

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Why Hotel Receipt Template is Important?

Hotel guests will receive a receipt as proof of the payment for hotel services they took, such as room, food, spa, etc. The hotel receipt template becomes an important document for a hotel to record all the transactions. Keeping them in files will be useful for the hotel auditing purposes.

Hotel receipts can be important for the guests too, especially those who need it to be enclosed as proof of their business travel budget for their company. A guest will also need the receipt to make any queries or complaints about the hotel services.

Basic Information Composing Hotel Receipt Template

In order to keep the functions of a hotel receipt as it supposed to be, hotels should pay attention to the essential things they have to include in the receipt. Creating a hotel receipt by customizing a pre-made hotel receipt template is way easier and safer, but make sure that you don’t skip even one of the basic components.

  1. Hotel name and detailed contact

Include address, phone number, and e-mail of the hotel to ease the guests if they want to contact your hotel for any occasion.


  1. Guest name and contact details

Writing the guests’ address, phone number, and e-mail on the receipt helps a lot in recording and tracking the transaction.


  1. Dates of check-in and check-out

It makes the detail of the total amount of nights a guest stay in the hotel.


  1. The number of hotel rooms and rates the guest should pay per night.

Enclosing these details is important since the receipt will be proof of the transaction for both the hotel and guest.


  1. Invoice number

Put the invoice number in front of the receipt.


  1. Details of payment (cash, credit, or debit)

Place all of the charges that the guest should pay for the room, room services, taxes, and other hotel services under the planned payment detail.


  1. The balance

It shows the remaining amount that a guest should pay before check out.

Types of Hotel Receipt Template

Various transactions may happen in a hotel other than the ordinary payment for the room and room services. The hotel receipts might come in various forms to track the different purchases that a guest has made.

When the guests use a credit card to complete the payment, they will receive credit card slip as receipt along with the hotel receipt. Hotels may also print a full-page receipt and window tags that serve as proof for the parking payment.

Guidelines to Customize a Hotel Receipt Template

In customizing a hotel receipt template, you can remove or add any information provided except the essentials one mentioned in the previous section. Choose templates with a professional and simple design. Use only clear and simple fonts that have good readability. Re-check the receipt before printing because any typing or grammatical errors may affect to your hotel’s credibility.

Hotel Receipt Template Word

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