Sample Daycare Receipt

Sample Daycare Receipt and More Templates

Having children makes parents more responsible. Everything has to be calculated properly, including the daycare service. Father and mother may be busy at work while their children are in this place. To monitor and know what the service or activities their kids have, a sample daycare receipt is sent to them.

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Sample Daycare Receipt Purposes

The receipt is common for any activities mostly business. You can let children be in daycare, which means there is a responsibility to transfer the money. This service must provide valid proof and legal documentation. This is a situation when the receipt comes in handy. Parents have receipts or notes to ensure their kids are in good hands.

Sample Daycare Receipt Main Concept

The daycare receipt has two common purposes. When parents rely on this service, understanding this receipt is an important thing. Parents must put awareness of the place that keeps the kids.

  1. Proof of service

A sample daycare receipt is useful as proof of the service. Daycare keeps the record daily or periodically regarding the children who attend this place. When parents send children to be in this daycare, the receipt is created. It contains information about the date, time, the name of children, activities, and person in charge.


  1. Proof of transaction

The next function is the receipt as a proof of transaction. It is mostly related to the daycare fee that parents must pay. This receipt uses data from daily basis notes to be calculated and accumulated properly.

Sample Daycare Receipt Contents

The contents are an important part when understanding the way sample daycare receipt works. After you know what the receipt looks like, it is time to choose the contents that must be in this receipt. If the note is for a daily receipt, the items should be simple and straightforward. In the top section, you should put ID for identification. After that, the basic information must be written, such as the name of children, parents, date, location, list of the session, and others.

If the receipt is business transaction proof, you can rely on a different outline. As usual, ID and basic information are always at the top list. It is like identification to know that the bill or receipt is valid. The rest of the content includes the list of services, tools, service fees, and total amount. Furthermore, the daycare also includes payment method and period of service.

Sample Daycare Receipt Template Download

You can have various samples for this kind of receipt. Each looks different but the basic layout is quite similar. Having a template has some benefits as the reasons why you must choose it.

  1. Various template

Some daycare services implement a new perspective and approach while managing this business. Instead of a standard bill with the usual layout, this service chooses a template with a fancy style and design. You can have many templates that are capable to fulfill your needs.


  1. Free files

This bill is available to everyone. You may download and open it directly on your computer. Some templates are for online services, but the basic design is similar to counterpart that’s accessible via offline mode. All files for this receipt are free.


  1. Editable

Sample daycare receipt is not a fixed template because there is always a room for editing and improvement. You may change some labels and items. Adjust this one with the sample you intend to implement.

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