Business Receipt Template

Business Receipt Template with Valid Outlines

Transaction, activity, event, task, and project must have a valid and legal record. Document to verify the certain transaction is mostly called receipt. It is created to verify the buyer receives the product and the seller obtains payments. With many transactions and various activities, the company must have a business receipt template.

Business Receipt Template Design and Layout

The layout for receipt does not have a strict rule. As long as the purpose is achieved, any template and design are suitable for the business receipt. The most important thing is the functionality because the items and contents must be capable to provide valid information. You will find many designs for this template. Choose the one that’s compatible with your own business model.

Business Receipt Template Outline and Content

The content for receipt has to be simple and easy to understand. It only contains things that receipt intends to be. The most layout will look like a table or form.

  1. Identification and name

The business receipt template has a section for name and identification. It includes titles and basic information. You know what receipt about just from its title.


  1. Order and total payment

The receipt is dedicated to explaining about the transaction. It enlists product and service including price and total payment. This part is content that the business utilizes for transaction records.


  1. Date and signature

The receipt is only for a certain transaction, which means there are date and time to verify. After that, the last part is the signature to legalize this document. Usually, the signature is from a seller, buyer, or both.

Business Receipt Template And Samples

At the following list, you can see some samples related to the business receipt template. Each is created for a specific purpose. The receipt has several designs to be adjusted with its functionality.

  1. Blank business receipt
  2. Sales business receipt
  3. Order business receipt
  4. Restaurant business receipt
  5. Car sale business receipt
  6. Money transfer receipt
  7. Construction receipt
  8. Home business receipt

From the list above, you now understand some of them are common receipts. Sale receipt is the document you often see. In fact, you may have receipts after purchasing the product from the store. The company creates some receipts based on the type of transaction.

Business Receipt Template Advantages

All templates for business receipts are available to fulfill your demand and needs. Relying on this template will influence your business capability and activity. More benefits are explained at the next list.

  1. Free file

It takes time and effort when you need a reliable receipt as soon as possible. Creating from a blank document is no simple task. On the other hand, you are in a situation when receipts are necessary. With the template, you can have for free without charge or paying anything. A template is ready to file that can fulfill your business activity.


  1. Editable

A receipt has many variants with various design and layout. You may have more than two templates for certain purposes. Each has items and outlines but easy to adjust and edit into your own receipt.


  1. Many platforms

The business receipt template is compatible with most of the software people have. Files incorporate file types such as word, excel, PDF, and Apple pages.

Home Based Business Receipt PDF Download

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