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Transport Receipts for Several Business Activities

Transport receipts are legal documents stated that the transport task is done. The shipping company has this receipt to support the business. After dropping the package in the customer’s home, the courier gives a receipt. With any shipment and transaction, the company often has a system containing the template for transport receipts.

To make the proper receipt, you must know what items should be available. It is different from regular receipts like sales, money, and service. The business involves sending the product, and the shipping should prepare this receipt carefully.

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Transport Receipts Purposes

If you are in the shipping and transport business, this receipt is mandatory. All transactions and processes will be written in the manifest and receipt. The most common purpose of this receipt is the legal documentation to transport activity. Clients will know when the product is delivered.

The digital marketplace is the reason why this kind of business grows and expands significantly. You can purchase the products online. Seller will send the product directly to your address. Moreover, the food and culinary industry also have a great deal. You can also have a food delivery service. Of course, the receipt is part of this transaction. More examples are transportation for documents and important goods.

Transport Receipts Samples

Some samples for transport receipts are listed in the following section. You often see them in daily life. You might be a part of this kind of business or system. Here are the samples.

  1. Transport receipts for goods
  2. Transport receipts for sales
  3. Taxi receipt
  4. Car sales receipt
  5. Transport delivery
  6. Food delivery receipt
  7. Document transport receipt

Transport Receipts Outline And Content

To know more about transport receipts, you should check the outline and content. Unlike sales and money receipts, this one must-have detail. One mistake will cost a significant impact on the business. Moreover, clients put trust and expect to obtain the product as fast as possible based on the schedule.

  1. Name of sender and transporter

The name of the sender is the person who uses the transport service while sending his or her package. You also see the receipt that contains a transporter or transport company. If service is private, the transporter name becomes courier himself.


  1. Name of recipient and estimation date of arrival

The receipt also has the name of the recipient and delivery schedule. The best service in this business is the client has a package on time. That’s receipt includes the estimation date of arrival.


  1. Fee and payment

The receipt is also proof of payment. This part explains fees and related cost including detail about cost measurement. Make sure this part is precise. Usually, the sender already paid the fee before transport is started.


  1. Additional document

Some goods or pieces of stuff must have a supporting document. For example, you send a car alongside its document. This is similar to other such as firearm, sensitive material, chemical compound, etc. document includes safety guarantee and manual.


  1. Signature

The last part is a signature that comes from courier, sender, and recipient. Without a signature, the receipt is not valid. You cannot claim anything is something happens.

Transport Receipts Template

Using the template has some benefits before you create transport receipts. It shortens your time and reduces unnecessary steps. One template is enough for tons of the same transaction. You can download the template for free and it is easy to customize.

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