Delivery Receipt Template

Delivery Receipt Template for Business with Delivery Service

In this era, people are more attracted to a business that offers delivery service. The reason is, most people do not want to spend time purchasing goods if they can help it. They prefer to use the time to do other activities. The business owner that provides this kind of service will find the delivery receipt template found on this page to be beneficial for them.

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Delivery Receipt Template Functions

What are you using this template for? This receipt is used as a confirmation that delivery on items purchased or requested has been made. It means that the vendor has sent the package to its destination and then the package has been received. This receipt prevents unwanted issues such as customer complaints about not receiving their items.

You will be surprised to see plenty of cases like this happening. If you are not using a reliable package delivery system, it is not impossible for the items to get lost in the process. Thus, you have to take extra measures to protect the goods so they will be received by the rightful person.

Delivery Receipt Template Contents

  1. Date of delivery

The first and foremost information that needs to be presented in the delivery receipt template is the date of delivery. Since delivery service tends to send multiple packages just in a day, you will have trouble to track your own delivery if you do not write down the date.

  1. Sender information

You need to include the information of the sender in the receipt to. This information encompasses the name, address, and contact number. It will make it easier for the delivery staff in case there is an issue with the package sending process.

  1. List of items

To prevent unwanted things from happening, it is important that the sender lists items that are being delivered. It should be accurately representing the content inside your package.

  1. Recipient information

Information of the recipient needs to be included in the receipt as well. This information may include name, address, and contact number. The recipient should also sign the receipt.

Delivery Receipt Template Types

  1. Grocery delivery

You can find a delivery receipt template for the delivery of grocery items in here. Such template is often used by a grocery store that provides this service.

  1. Car delivery

When you are purchasing a car, the dealer will sometimes deliver it to your home. In this case, the receipt is important as a record that you have received the car. It also informs both parties about car condition upon delivery.

  1. Food delivery

Restaurant these days would offer you food delivery service because people tend to prefer eating in without having to cook. The delivery receipt is important to ensure that customers have rightfully received their orders.

Delivery Receipt Template Forms

There are plenty of receipt forms offered on this page. You can find the receipt that mostly consists of tables where you need to list all the items being delivered. It is important especially if the package contains a wide array of items. The recipient would be requested to sign on the delivery receipt template at the end. This signature provides a notification that the items have really been received.

Delivery Conformation Receipt PDF Download

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