Dental Receipt Template

Dental Receipt Template: Use in Professional Dental Health Practice

Are you starting your own dental business? It is a lucrative health industry as long as you can attract loyal customers. Just like any other health-related business, professionalism is something that customers would look for. You can use any instrument such as the official dental receipt template so that people will be more convinced that you are a legitimate health service provider.

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Dental Receipt Template Uses

This receipt is used as a payment proof of services provided by dental care institution to a patient. However, the uses are not limited to that. You will see that the receipt has a list of procedures conducted to a patient as per patient’s request and medic’s suggestions (with patient’s consent, of course). In the case that the patient fills in to complain about the procedure being done, this receipt would have a legal position in the court.

You will be surprised at the number of court hearings where a patient complained about the dental procedure being done on them. This receipt will provide proof that the patient had consented to any procedure listed in the receipt and that it had been communicated to them beforehand. Thus, the patient needs to read the receipt thoroughly before making payment.

Dental Receipt Template Recommended Contents

  1. Date of practice

The dental receipt template needs to include the date of practice. It is important so that both parties can keep track of the event. The address of dental health care practice should be included as well, usually in the header.

  1. Patient’s name

The name of the patient must be stated clearly on the receipt so there will be no confusion. Sometimes, you can include other identifiers such as home address and phone number of the patient.

  1. Dental care provider’s name

The health care provider needs to be elaborated on in the receipt too. It is important so if there is a consequence from the practice, the medic can be held accountable for their action. It is easier to track them this way.

  1. List of procedures

A list of procedures performed in the practice should be included. It is important to provide the price for each procedure too then give the total price at the end of the receipt. It is for the practice’s transparency.

  1. Signature

You also need to add a signature spot in the template that will be signed by the patient. This part confirms that the patient has consented to receive the dental procedures and pay for the service.

Dental Receipt Template Formats

There are many dental receipt template formats available on this page. You can find a template which mostly has words. This template has a contract format if compared to other forms that look more like a payment receipt. It really depends on the choice of a dental health service provider.

Dental Receipt Template Making

Here is how you can create a template of receipt at a dental practice.

  • Select the format that you want to use.
  • Choose the color scheme of your template.
  • Add the official header of your dental practice.
  • Include all important information as listed in the previous part of this passage.

Hopefully, this information is going to help you create the perfect dental receipt template for your dental practice. Your receipt is your lifeline in this health care business.

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