Petty Cash Receipt Template

Petty Cash Receipt Template for the Important Petty Cash Record

Sometimes, a transaction would only involve a really small amount of money that it is a waste of time to pull out elaborate transaction proof. Nonetheless, you may still need to record that particular transaction. Thus, you will need to prepare a petty cash receipt template for such an occasion. Let’s learn more about this template in the following part.

Blank Petty Cash Receipt Template

Petty Cash Receipt Template Functions

Just like any other receipt, it has a similar objective which is to record that a payment has been made. It notifies both the payer and recipient about the conducted transaction. In case you are working for an organization, this receipt will be a tool that you will be using if you want to take reimbursement to a certain amount of money you have paid no matter how small the nominal is.

Petty Cash Receipt Template Use in Reimbursement

No matter how small an expense is, if it is not done for personal purposes, the company needs to reimburse the money being used for work (for workplace cases). Thus your is petty cash receipt template important because it allows the company to see how much you have paid so that the reimbursement can be done fairly.

Here is the step that the company will take to conduct the reimbursement.

  • Evaluating the receipt given to judge its validity.
  • Providing reimbursement cash with a similar amount as written on the receipt.
  • Writing down receipt stating that reimbursement has been made.
  • Documenting the cash flow to record the petty cash outflow.

Petty Cash Receipt Template Standard Content

  1. Code of receipt

Usually, the receipt will have its code or letter number. It has the function to be an identifier when you are in need to look for that particular receipt.

  1. Date of payment

The petty cash receipt template will also be equipped with a blank spot to write down the date petty cash payment is being made. This way, you will find it easier to monitor your finance and expenses so they do not go out of hand.

  1. Nominal of payment

The nominal payment no matter how small it also needs to be written as clear as possible on the receipt. That will prevent unwanted misunderstanding in the future. Usually, you only need to write the amount in numerical number.

  1. Purpose of payment

The purpose of payment is also often written. If the receipt is for a grocery shopping, then in the place where you need to write down the purpose of payment, you can list your grocery items instead.

  1. Recipient and payer

It is also important to write down the name of the recipient in this document as well as the payer’s name. That will seal the information about people being involved in the payment so any issue in the future can be delegated to editor board member.

Petty Cash Receipt Template Samples

The examples of petty cash receipt templates are very varied. It means that you have conducted the most important thing which is paying the small amount as written on the receipt. You can find templates for item purchase and even business industry business. The template formats are usually simple.

Petty Cash Blank Receipt Template

Petty Cash Disbursement Receipt Template petty cash reimbursement form template

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