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Loan Receipt Template with Relevant Outline

Taking a loan is one of the options to obtain money. The company often relies on loans to expand a business. For personal, the loan is useful to fulfill the needs immediately. The loan must be legal particularly when the interest is included. To verify whether the borrower receives money or not, the lender can prepare a loan receipt template.

Cash Loan Receipt

Loan Receipt Template Idea and Concept

The loan receipt is a legal document as similar to the rest of the loan in business. Two or more parties agree to involve in loan activity. One party is a borrower and the rest will give the loan as a lender. Money is transferred from lender to borrower. After the money is received, a borrower receives receipt as legal proof.

The receipt is a part of an agreement with simple and relevant content. It has detail about the transaction including payment method. You can expand with other items, but the basic content must be kept at transaction activity. The borrower and lender can change the loan condition, but not in the loan receipt template.

Loan Receipt Template Main Outline

Knowing the outline for the loan receipt will help to understand the way it works. More explanation will be at the below list.

  1. Basic information

As usual, the receipt has information about parties involved in the loan process. This part provides the name and other basic identifications.


  1. Amount of loan and interest

The next item is the amount of loan that the borrower receives. You also see the interest that must be fulfilled. This part is about money that the borrower obtains. Some receipts include the schedule.


  1. Terms and condition

Receipt still has the terms and conditions, but only the most important part. This is for a reminder that the borrower has the obligation to follow and accomplish it.

Loan Receipt Template and Sample

You will know the loan receipt template easily from samples. The template is dedicated for people who want this receipt, but do not have time making on their own. With some samples, they may produce their loan receipt properly. Here are several samples.

  1. Cash loan receipt
  2. Bank loan receipt
  3. Credit union loan receipt
  4. Loan payment receipt
  5. Employee loan
  6. Personal loan receipt

From the above samples, you see the familiar type of loan. The cash loan is when you take from a friend or others directly. The receipt ensures the loan is legal and valid in order to prevent the issue related to payment in the future. The loan from the bank and credit union always has this receipt. The company may consider giving a loan to an employee. Therefore, proper receipt is necessary.

Loan Receipt Template Advantages

  1. Various platforms

You can have this template with various platforms, such as excel, doc, and pdf. They are easy to be accessed via your PC. Moreover, the files are compatible with almost all the software that people have and use in the world.


  1. Editable

A template is only for reference, which means you still have the right to modify it. Some items maybe not in your favor. Therefore, you are free to do editing, such as adding, deleting, or anything to adjust with your preference.


  1. Free template

One reason why you pick the loan receipt template is free service. You need to spend money when hiring a professional to make the loan receipt. That’s not a problem anymore because the template is already available for everyone. You can have it without paying anything.

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