Order Receipt Template

Order Receipt Template and Layout

When you buy a product at the store, the seller will give a receipt. It explains the product you buy, the amount of money you pay, and delivery time. If the transaction is done on the spot, you will obtain the receipt immediately. To support many transactions and activities, the company will issue the order receipt template.

Technology makes business easier and more efficient. Decades ago, the note and receipt had to rely on paper-based documentation. Today, the computer will create receipts faster for various transactions. One thing you should do is a proper template. After that, your business will be more efficient when delivering a product or service to customers.

Customer Order Receipt

Order Receipt Template Main Concept

The receipt is a part of the business, even the most important and essential one. The receipt is proof that the transaction is done properly. Moreover, it also has information about the situation or method related to the transaction process and payment. The company may have one receipt for all orders.

Order Receipt Template Outline And Content

To understand about order receipt template, you should learn from its content and outline. The template looks different between one receipt and others. On the other hand, the basic outline is quite similar. You may modify one template into several order receipts.

  1. Order ID and identification

The receipt has the ID and basic information. It is from seller or company which means the customers will see the header containing the name, address, and contact info. After that, there are order IDs and the name of the buyer.


  1. Product and total price

The order receipt also contains the product name and ID, even a few related details. This part explains what kind of product or service that customers buy. Usually, you see the product name and total amount side by side. This part also includes the price and how much customers must pay.


  1. Payment

The seller gives a few options for the payment method. This part depends on the business model, product specs, and transaction method. For payment via credit, you must create a relevant receipt.


  1. Signature

The receipt is valid after the seller puts his or her signature. Every company has a different way to validate and legalize an order receipt. Signature is the most common way. Sometimes, you see a digital code or signature for this receipt.

Order Receipt Template and Sample

The order receipt template has some samples for reference and guidance. A company must know what kind of receipt that’s capable and suitable for a certain transaction. For more samples, check the following list.

  1. Sales receipt
  2. Service receipt
  3. Money transfer receipt
  4. Repair receipt
  5. Customer order receipt
  6. Delivery order receipt
  7. Payment receipt

A sales receipt is the most common one you always find. Seller or company produces this kind of receipt for customers. Usually, this one is side by side with money transfer and payment receipt. After the customers pay the product, the sales process is done.

Order Receipt Template Benefits

Business and company rely on the order receipt template due to some benefits. The template is ready to file, which means you do not have to start making from a blank document. You just edit a few items to adjust to the transaction model. After that, integrate this template into a system. When the receipt is needed, the system will create it automatically.

Sales Order Receipt

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