Sample Horse Bill of Sale

Sample Horse Bill of Sale and More Detailed Information

Bill of sales is a legal document in business. The transaction becomes valid after both parties have an agreement in the same term. A seller needs to send and deliver a product. The buyer then receives it and pays immediately. This kind of transaction is common for every goods and service, including a horse. To legalize and verify horse trade, most sellers already prepare sample horse bill of sale.

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Sample Horse Bill of Sale Template

The sample and template have several benefits. You do not have to worry when many people buy your horses. Bill and agreement will ready as soon as possible. The sample is useful as a guideline when you want to add a few things.

Sample Horse Bill of Sale Main Design

One thing you should know about sample horse bill of sale is this document is not just one page. Horse trade has many things to explain. Moreover, the bill usually includes agreement. Both seem to be in the same forms. A seller should complete the bill and agreement at the same time. Meanwhile, the buyer must read all of them properly before the transaction is started.

Sample Horse Bill of Sale Outlines

The sample horse bill of sale has a specific outline. It is different from a regular bill of sales. To know more about the items in the bill outline, the explanation will be in the below section.

  1. Bill name and agreement

It is called the bill of sale for horse trade because you see from its title. Bill includes an agreement even though both will be in the separated document. Usually, a bill is for transaction notes followed by the horse trade agreement.


  1. Seller and buyer information

As usual, this bill must provide information about sellers and buyers. House trade is regulated which means every transaction requires detail from both parties. Seller may be a person, private company, or organization. The situation is similar to the buyer as long as both provide a legitimate name.


  1. Horse detail

Horse detail is part to explain more about a horse. This part includes the date of birth, age, color, origin, and everything that refers to horse specs.


  1. Date and location

Trade or transactions happened in certain locations at a specific time. Put the information on this bill. This part is useful to explain the payment method and delivery time.


  1. Price and payment

Bill also shows the price that the buyer must pay. Price includes several costs and fees to cover all transactions. After that, you see options for the payment method. Both sellers and buyers agree to choose the specific one.


  1. Signature

Horse bill of sale is valid after both add their signature. It makes the bill to be legal. Any issue after a trade is complete will use this bill and agreement as evidence and guidance.

Sample Horse Bill Of Sale Free Download

This bill is unique because it requires detail and precision. It is not like buying television at the store. On the contrary, the horse-trading must follow some rules. That’s why the bill becomes an important part. If you are in this business since a long time ago, having the bill template is mandatory. You can update and add more sample horse bill of sale without paying anything. Yes, all the templates are free.

Free Hourse Bill of Sale Template 1

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