Sample Trailer Bill of Sale

Sample Trailer Bill of Sale for Dealers

With the surge of tiny living movement, the sales number of the trailer is skyrocketing. This accommodation slash vehicle is not only popular for people with a thirst for minimalist living. It is also a ‘vehicle of choice’ among people who enjoy traveling. Turning into this business area would be a smart choice for you. If you decide to, you will need a sample trailer bill of sale.

free boat trailer bill of sale template

Sample Trailer Bill of Sale Uses in Transaction

The main use of this bill is documenting the transaction. It is proof that the buyer has made a trailer purchase from the seller. This bill shows that the buyer has become the rightful owner of the trailer unit mentioned there. The document also provides information about the unit so it makes the trailer easier to identify.

Another use of this bill is stating the clauses for warrant cases. Warranty is the standard practice that the dealer has to fulfill when dealing with vehicle sales. These clauses enable the buyer to claim a warrant if there is a factory defect not recognized upon purchase. This warranty is only offered in a certain period after a purchase has been made. The clauses protect buyers and sellers.

Sample Trailer Bill of Sale Comprehensive Data

If you want a sample trailer bill of sale that has comprehensive content, you need to include the following information.

  1. Buyer information

The document should include information about the buyer. Commonly name and contact information (phone number and email address) would be added to this part. However, in some other templates, you will find complete information such as occupation and even home address.

  1. Seller information

Usually, the seller information is briefly described. Some templates will have the official header which usually contains the phone number, email address, mailing address, and more importantly: company name. If the seller is an organization, usually the name of an officer handling the purchase would be written.

  1. Unit information

The bill should also include information about the trailer unit being sold. The series and model should be written alongside its production year. Oftentimes, the paint color is also mentioned in the bill. Facilities included in the trailer are listed too.

  1. Price of the trailer

Your sample trailer bill of sale needs to state the exact price of the unit being bought. The price should be written in numerical form. Sometimes, the mode of payment is also explained in the bill. If it is done via bank transfer then the reference number should be written down.

  1. Terms of agreement

Terms of the agreement need to be presented in the bill as well. It is a safety measure against unwanted situations about the trailer in the future.

Sample Trailer Bill of Sale Making Steps

The steps of creating this bill are pretty simple. You need to start with the header. If you have an official company header then use that as a template. Once that is done, you can start layouting the document. The bill tends to include statement for the payment confirmation, tables for information about the trailer unit, and bullet points which contain the terms of the agreement. At the end of the document, both parties need to put on their signatures.

Sample Trailer Bill of Sale Template

To make it easier, you can use some sample trailer bill of sale template options readily available on this web page. Using a template will help your task in selling your trailer units to be less hectic than it should be.

Trailer Bill of Sale PDF

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