Business Bill of Sale

Business Bill of Sale for Legal and Valid Transaction

Buyers often do the transaction with sellers. Both agree and acknowledge this process. To verify and legalize this transaction, the seller produces a business bill of sale. It is a legal document in business that contains all information about a transaction. In general, sellers also have the exact copy with the same contents as what they give to a customer. This bill is for business documentation.

Blank Bill of Sale Form Free Printable

Business Bill Of Sale Purposes

Before exploring more about this topic, you should understand why this bill becomes important. Every action and transaction must have solid proof for legal status. That’s the only way to convince the business runs properly. More purposes are listed in the below section.

  1. Transaction proof
  2. Professionalism
  3. Business documentation

Business Bill Of Sale Design and Layout

The design for the business bill of sale is various. You may see the simple form, including the table. This kind of layout is common for a daily basis bill that the seller or company creates at a huge amount. On the contrary, the business bill of sale may have a design like business agreement or proposal. It has long words and detail.

Business Bill of Sale Content

Learning the content of the business bill of sale is a good way to understand it comprehensively. One bill and another have different content but the basic outline is quite similar.

  1. Name and identification

The sales bill always has identification. It explains the seller and buyer who involve in this transaction. Identification must be valid and legal.


  1. Product, goods, or service

Bill provides information about products or services. This part does not include detail or specs, but enough to refer to a particular product. You can add an attachment for extra document that explains more about a product.


  1. Clauses and condition

This part is for all conditions, rules, clauses, and statements related to a transaction. You can include insurance policy, payment method, interest, etc.


  1. Date

The sales bill is only for certain transactions at a specific time. That’s why the date becomes mandatory on this bill. You must provide detail about this part.


  1. Signature

The last part is the signature of both parties. This part is the legal aspect to justify that a transaction is valid and solid.

Business Bill Of Sale Template Benefits

You can rely on a template for this kind of bill because it has some benefits. A template is a reason why many businesses and companies can have various sales receipt, invoices, and bills. More benefits are explained in the following section.

  1. Effective billing task

The billing task is repetitive or mostly something the seller does every day. Bill for a certain product or service is always similar unless the client or customer has a specific request. You just make one template for that purpose in order to handle daily basis billing. This is the main benefit of using a template.


  1. Reduce the budget for hiring professional

Big company does not have an issue when hiring a professional. The situation is different for small businesses and stores. They must keep money and budget in balance. Template reduces cost because you do not need paying the fee.


  1. Easy to customize

A template is compatible with most platforms such as PDF, Apple Pages, docs, and excel. Moreover, the outline is scalable and editable that you may customize. You adjust and change the business bill of sale based on your needs.

Blank Cash Receipt Template

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