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The general bill of sale is a legal form that functions as acknowledgment of the ownership transfer of property or asset from the previous owner to the new one. It used for protection to avoid fraud during the purchasing of property or assets. Download these personal property sale templates easily and quickly. They also can be used for specific sale billings such as a used motorcycle or car bill of sale.

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General Bill of Sale Document Sample

The general bill of sale is a legal binding document that provides a receipt for various personal property types, whether it is exchanged with cash or other trades. It is used for the new owner as ownership proof.

This document only features two parties, which are the seller and the buyer inside. It also typically only used for valuable private items or goods sales. However, as it has been mentioned, it has validity power in the legal field and has binding nature once it is signed by each party after the transaction is made and the trade is completed.

Flexible Formats of General Bill of Sale

The templates of the general bill of sale provided here mostly have generic contents and basic format so it has the flexibility to use for different purposes. They would have these essential elements such as explained in the following:

  1. Information about both parties

The details about the seller and the buyer must be disclosure in the document, such as their name, address, and contact information


  1. Information about the sold item

Include the detailed description of the sold item, such as the specific address if it was a property. If it was a vehicle, then write about its serial numbers, model, color, size, identification numbers, license plate number features, and so on.


  1. Conditions regarding the sale

If there are any conditions made for the sale such as warranty, sold as is, they must be stated in the document.


  1. Transaction details

Write the date of transaction, the payment amount that is written in numerals and words, and the method of it such as through cash, credit card, bank deposit, check, and so on).


  1. Agreement of the payments

Write in clear wordings and details of the payment due dates, interest rates, or pending circumstances if there’s any.


  1. Signatures of both parties

After the document is completed, read and understood by both parties, they should sign at the end of the document as a form of agreement and acknowledgment.

General Bill of Sale Tips

Creating a bill of sale document might seem like an easy task compared to the actual transaction, especially if you’re using templates. However, make sure you pay attention to these details in order to create a proper document:

  1. You have to make sure that the bill of sale if legible or easy to read.
  2. You have to do a double-check all the details, information, and the signatures of the document.
  3. You have to make several copies to save for both the buyer and the seller.

Printable General Bill of Sale Forms

Choose and download the templates general bill of sale for free from this site. You can edit then print them for your property or asset transactional purposes.

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