Sample Rental Receipt

Sample Rental Receipt Template for Various Transactions

Rental is a business that provides property, space, and other things that people will use. Ownership is not transferred, but the tenants or clients have the right to utilize the thing they rent. A common example is a room or apartment rental. Landlord receives money from the tenant and gives the receipt as proof of transaction. To make a reliable and valid receipt, a landlord must consider having a sample rental receipt template.

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Sample Rental Receipt Template Purposes

The receipt template has few purposes. For landlords, preparing many receipts is no simple task. Moreover, some tenants often request a different kind of receipt. To overcome this situation, the sample and template will be the best solution. Tenants use this receipt as documentation. They know when the payment is due. From the receipt, payment can be calculated and estimated properly.

Sample Rental Receipt Template Layout and Design

The layout for this receipt is different from others. The sample rental receipt template has items related to the rental business. The next list explains more about them.

  1. Name and identification

Every receipt has an ID for identification. You must distinguish between one receipt and another. After that, the receipt contains a name and basic information.


  1. Rental agreement

Some receipts have a list of an agreement but only a short version. The contract already explains everything and receipt will quote only the most related one. It helps as a reminder for tenant and landlord


  1. Total amount and payment

The receipt is for payment, which means there is a list of the total amount. Tenant completes payment and chooses the option for the payment method. You also add the date and period.


  1. Signature

The last part is the signature that mostly from the property owner. A tenant has the right to inspect and check all contents before accept conditions and payments stated in the receipt. After that, the landlord gives his or her signature to legalize this document.

Sample Rental Receipt Template Examples

You will find many samples when looking for a rental receipt. Every sample has a different design and layout. Some of them are simple with less form and item. On the other hand, few samples are complex with a long list and items. You just pick the sample rental receipt template that’s suitable for your preference. Here is the sample list.

  1. Apartment rental receipt
  2. Room rent receipt
  3. House rent receipt
  4. Car rental receipt
  5. Office rent receipt
  6. Property rental receipt
  7. Store rent note
  8. Shop rental receipt
  9. Rental payment
  10. Rental deposit receipt

From the list above, most of them are familiar receipts. Apartment, house, room, property, and shop are the offers from the landlord and the things that tenants look for. Another rental is a vehicle or car. This is quite different, but the basic item inside the receipt is relatively similar. The rest of the samples are about payment, such as cash, deposit, and money transfer.

Sample Rental Receipt Template Platform

All templates use a common platform like word, excel, PDF, and Apple page. You do not need additional software because most of those platforms are accessible via computer. After downloading is done, you can edit and the template is ready to be a receipt. That’s what you should know about the sample rental receipt template.

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