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Various Downloadable Forms of Rental Receipt Template

The rental receipt template is a pre-made document that serves as evidence that the tenant has paid his rent money to their landlord. It typically used as proof for cash payment, as an on-the-spot receipt that given after the whole amount of monthly rent has been covered. The landlord should only issue the document after the fund has received.

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Free Printable Rental Receipt Template

You may use the rental receipt template if you want to make a professional-looking document to acknowledge the payment of the tenant who rents your property. As has been mentioned, the receipt commonly used for cash payment, but it is also possible to use it for payment via physical checks or credit cards. Inside the rental receipt is the information about the payment such as the property address, payment method, amount paid, and the signature of the landlord.

Guides to Use Rental Receipt Template

The majority of the states or regions require the people who manage the rental property to make a receipt when their tenant makes payment. Use these sample forms of rental receipt to provide the document to prove that your tenant is indeed has paid their rent.

  1. Receive the rental payment from the tenant. The payment is usually done monthly. The tenant and the landlord may have reached an agreement beforehand about whether to use cash or other payment methods for the rented property.
  2. Download the rental receipt template from online resources such as this site. To customize the template according to your needs, and make sure that the template includes essential things such as the name of the tenant’s, address of your rented property, the amount of payment, and they make the payment.
  3. For your records, create a copy of the receipt. Save the template for your next use on your computer so you can just print it out whenever you need it.

Rental Receipt Template Contents

It is quite simple to create the rent receipt, especially if you’re using a pre-made form. You just have to choose which template suits your needs, and contains all the necessary information. Before you print the template, check if it incorporates these components below:

  1. Your property’s exact address, including the unit number.
  2. The tenant’s full name or identity that lives in the rental property.
  3. The date of the received rental payment.
  4. The landlord’s full name or identity, to which the payment is given.
  5. The payment method, such as cash, check, or e-transfer.
  6. The payment details such as the amount of it.
  7. The landlord’s signature, as an acknowledgment that the payment has been made.

Rental Receipt Template and Samples

The rental receipt template provided here can help you to make records for the rental payments. A rent receipt is a crucial document to submit when you’re about to fill taxes. Aside to use for regular monthly rent payment, the template can be used for one-time rentals as well, such as rented summer home. The receipt can help in case there’s an issue related to the payment arising in the future, for example, if the tenant claimed that they already paid the monthly rent payment.

Business Rent Receipt Template

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