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Catering Receipt Template and Many Kinds of Free Receipt Template


In running a catering business, there are many details to prepare. It is not only about the menus and taste of each menu. Some supporting parts should also be made in order to manage the business well. In this case, the catering receipt template is one of them. The catering receipt is necessary since it becomes proof of transaction, and there are still other functions coming from the receipt.

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Catering Receipt Template Details


When it talks about the catering receipts, basically it is quite similar to other kinds of receipts. Related to the similarity in receipts, these details of contents can always be found in receipts.

  1. Receipt details

This will include the name of the catering business, address, and contact information. Then, the information of the customer is also found in this part. Commonly, this includes the invoice or receipt numbers.


  1. Order description

Then, there is an order description. This part contains information about what customer orders. The menu can be mentioned in clear details, so it can avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.


  1. Quantity

This is also important in the receipt. The quantity is about the numbers of portions or other details regarding the menu of catering.


  1. Price

Of course, the price details and total price must be provided. This can be checked in order to make sure that there will be no problem with the payment.


Catering Receipt Template Sample


In making the catering receipt template, people can easily make various templates and layouts of the catering receipt. Basically, as long as those points or elements are already included in the receipt, it is free to make the design and layout.


However, although there are already things to write down, it is still confusing. In this case, it can be easier by having receipt samples. The samples can give clear references. It can become useful suggestions in making creating the template of the catering receipt.


Catering Receipt Template Formats


Then, it is also necessary to talk about the catering receipt template format. This is related to the file format or extension. The format is actually determined by the app used to create and process the template. In this case, Microsoft Word always becomes the popular option for the app to create and access the template. In terms of its file extension, usually, it uses doc or Docx.


In addition to Microsoft Word, there is also Microsoft Excel. This app is dedicated to people who want to work columns and rows of a table. The good point about this app is that there are features to use formula. Then, the common file formats for this app are xls and xlsx. Moreover, there is PDF format, but this is commonly chosen by people who want to get the printed receipt template.


Free Catering Receipt Templates


Making the receipt template is one of the options to get it. However, there can be some obstacles or problems that make people unable to make the template successfully. When it is not possible to make it, then it is better to download the template.

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It is good solution. Even, it is better solution than creating the template and its layout. In order to get the files of template, these can be found in website and people only need to choose the suitable receipt. Once the files are downloaded, each of them can be opened and accessed. Even, it is possible to modify the catering receipt template.

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