Gift Receipt Templates

Gift Receipt Templates for Non-profit Organization’s Contributor

In many ways, gift receipt templates are similar to the donation receipt. Both are the document that used as concrete proof to the contribution or support whether in the form of monetary, goods, or other things. The templates are also meant to be used by an organization, group or association that received the gift. The only major difference between this template and the donation receipt template is that you don’t have to include the amount of contribution in the receipt.          

Gift Card Receipt Reconciliation

Gift Receipt Templates Components

These gift receipt templates are designed to look professional without having to seem too formal or official, as it is made to appreciate the contribution from the gift giver. Giving receipt for the gift could actually increase the chance of making the contributor participates more actively for your campaign.

The likelihood of participation may be improved if you include these elements inside the receipt:

  1. How the gift or contribution is used. If the gift was the monetary type, then write in detail how the money has helped your campaign or make your organization better. If the gift was goods or services, describe how they are used or where they are placed.
  2. The goals and objectives of your campaign or organizations. Let the contributors know in what way and how much they are helping your campaign to reach the goals or carry the vision of your organization.
  3. Update on the current condition of your organization or campaign. You may inform the gift giver about the activities that currently are going on in your organization or the organization’s future plan.

Editable Gift Receipt Templates

As the gift receipt may be sent through mailings or e-mail, these gift receipt templates are available to be editable and printable. Before you even send the document, make sure you have included these things below:

  1. The name and category of your campaign or organization: to be able to issue a gift receipt, it is required to be a registered non-profit organization.
  2. The contributor’s name: in order to make the receipt legitimate, the giver’s name has to be included inside.
  3. The details about the gift: when the gift is presented, what type of gift it is, and how it is received may be written in the receipt.
  4. The information about that the contributor received in exchange: whether the contributor receives something in return or not, it should be stated in the receipt.

Gift Receipt Templates Style and Format

These templates may vary a lot not only on the designs but also on the language used. The formal and official language is not mandatory for the gift receipt. However, it is up to your choice of what language you prefer. Both have each pro and cons in adding authenticity and credibility for the receipt. It also carries your organization brand as well as the value conveyed in the receipt.

Free Gift Receipt Templates to Download

Explore this page on the site to find the most suitable form of the gift receipt templates. You can choose the format of the file too, then download and edit the receipt for the free.

Gift Receipt Template

In Kind Gift Receipt Public Library Gift

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