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Appreciate the Donors with Sample Donation Receipt

A donation receipt serves as concrete evidence for the donor who has made a monetary contribution to an organization, association, or group. Donation money is something non-profit that needs careful treatment because it is related to the benefactor’s trust. Using a sample donation receipt will ease your donation report so you can distribute the receipt faster to maintain the donors’ trust in your organization.

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The Importance of Sample Donation Receipt

A sample donation receipt is a pre-made document that is flexible to any customization so the users may just enter all the needed information about the received donation or charity into the receipt blueprint.

Moreover, the samples are available in various formats that will be flexible to any editing applications. This working efficiency, of course, will support the organization’s professionalism to encourage more donors to make more contributions through your organization.

Benefits of Sample Donation Receipt for the Donors and Recipients

Donations receipts are often sent to the donors as an e-mail or letter once the donation has received. Besides acting as the proof of a donation, a donation receipt offers so many benefits for all the parties involved in this charity activity.

  1. The receipt benefits the donors as a document to claim the deductions for the taxes that are related to the donation.
  2. Both the donors and the recipients may keep tracking all the donations by keeping all the donation receipts.
  3. The donation receipt serves as a legal document for non-profit organizations to avoid any penalties caused by the absence of legal requirements in an organization.
  4. The recipient organizations might use the donation receipts as records when it comes to financial accounting.

Core Information that Builds the Sample Donation Receipt

There are standard requirements of information that should be presented in a legal or official donation receipt. There is no guarantee that working with a sample donation receipt always meets the requirements.

Before customizing your receipt, it is important to check the availability of the following required information in your template or sample. Make sure to find one that will need very minimum editing to make your work faster and more efficient.

  1. Name of the donor or benefactor.
  2. The donation date.
  3. Name of the organization or association along with notices that state that it is registered. For example federal TIN.
  4. Amount of the donated money.
  5. Give a list and description for donations other than money.
  6. Declaration of statement about the existence of any commodities or services that will be given in exchange for the donation.
  7. Name and signature of the organization’s representative.
  8. The disclosure statement.

Additional Information to Include in Sample Donation Receipt

Besides the main information that is required to be in a good sample donation receipt, you can add more details to appreciate the donors who will receive and keep the donation receipt. Showing your appreciation well to them will benefit your organization in earning more trust and maintaining a good relationship with the benefactors.

  1. Include how the donated money was used.
  2. Share the objectives and goals of your organization.
  3. Give updates about the recent activities of your organization.

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