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Teachers and school staff need to have access to the school receipt template. Why so? It is because they are going to need it a lot of times. Kids are going to school to learn and to have fun. Thus, parents must pay for a lot of things, including basic tuition and other school stuff, too. Learn more about the receipt people can get from school down below.

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School Receipt Template Samples


What are the examples of a school receipt template that you will find quite a lot of times? The two of the most common school receipts will be displayed down below. Make sure you read them well so that you won’t find surprising to make one or to receive one at some point. Here they are for you to read and to download, too:

  1. School Book Receipt

Kids at school need a lot of books as learning materials. Most of the books do not come for free. This is why parents will have to buy them the book. Usually, the school will provide the book and parents pay money for them to get the book. Of course, after that, parents can receive the receipt. It is always important to get this type of receipt to make sure that kids get the entire needed book for classes.


  1. School Trip Receipt

When school kids are going on a trip, their parents will have to pay for money for transportation and accommodation. Some of the most common school receipts that parents receive are the ones from this school trip.


Daycare School Receipt Template


Sending small kids to daycare is not something cheap. You will have to pay a great amount of money for it, especially because daycare won’t come for free, especially for the service and the meal. This is why parents will be charged a lot of money in daycare. As for the daycare school receipt template, you can see one over here.


School Receipt Template for Payment


The most common receipt to be made by the school is the receipt of the school payment. For those who are looking for the receipt for this type of payment, everything can be seen here. It is the best template and sample to make the receipt as easy as possible.


School Receipt Template for Donation


School often makes donations and kids are asked for the money. As parents, of course, you want to get some receipts about the donation. This template over here can be used as the donation receipt for the school. Use this one to make sure that the paperwork will be finished and properly done in no time at all.

 Play School Receipt

School Fundraiser Receipt 1 School Payment School Tuition Receipt

Even though there are numerous things at school that parents must pay, it is just mandatory as education is important for kids. Make sure that you do know how to make those receipts if you are working at school or as parents, make sure you do understand the types of school receipt template you can eventually get.


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