Receipt Book Template

Printable Receipt Book Template for Commercial and Business Purposes

Receipt book template is a book-keeping sample made for any company, business, freelancer, and anyone who wants to keep track of their purchase invoices. The purpose of keeping the book of receipt is to prepare for the tax return, as the documents are the evidence of transactions. Keeping your receipt recorded and organized may seem like an unimportant, unnecessary, and tedious task, however, they can be useful to minimize your taxable income, improve the potential of receiving a refund from tax and reduce the time-consuming paperwork task you have to do annually.

Digital and Manual Receipt Book Template

The manual book-keeping of receipt is slowly replaced by the digitalized method of tracking the transaction. By using these samples of receipt book template, you can easily issue, collect, and retain the documents easily in a physical way, to use for future reference. You’d be able to manage the documents legally and efficiently.

Receipt Book Template for Financial Statements

Receipt book-keeping activity can be done by anyone, for commercial or personal reasons. However, as the business receipt book typically used for legal requirements, you need to organize it in an efficient way. Any types of receipts must be included too, from any kind of business transaction. Here is how to differentiate the recording method for internal and external financial statements:

  1. External financial statements

It contains all the receipts from external sources, including bank statements, commercial letters, purchase invoices, expense reports, commercial receipts, tax assessments, bills of lading, and so on.


  1. Internal financial statements

It contains all the documents that are handled internally by your business or company, including withdrawal slips, salary rosters, copied of checks or receipts, outgoing invoices, transfer and cancellation proof, and many more.

The source of the document is what determines whether it is belongings to the external or internal financial statements on the receipt book-keeping. So for example, if you printed the receipt from the online banking system yourself, it would be still considered as an external receipt as it is issued by an external party.

Creating Efficient Receipt Book Template

To create a proper receipt book, you need each document of your valid business expenses record. It seems like a big work but it can be made easier if you’re using the receipt book template to provide documentation of your transactions.

Check out these tips below to create and deliver an efficient and professional receipt book:

  1. Get used to the habit of writing the name of your expenses, as well as the purpose of it, while you’re still waiting in line to make a payment in-store or restaurant.
  2. Make sure you save the receipt for each cash transaction. As the cash transaction is hard, even almost impossible to track once you lost the evidence; it is a must to keep the document of it.
  3. Organize your bank statements and credit card statements. They are the last elements to include on the receipt book that you should collect yourself.

Receipt Book Template Free Download

Download these samples of receipt book template by just several simple clicks. You would get a well-formatted document template for free to edit and modify yourself without having to ask help from professionals.

Trust Account Receipt Cash Book PDF Download

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