Blank Receipt Sample

Blank Receipt Sample for Transaction Proof in Business

The receipt is common in business, especially in the sales department. Buyer purchases the product and obtains receipt as legal proof of transaction. With many receipts to make, it is quite exhausted when drafting the repetitive tasks. To shorten your job, there is a blank receipt sample template.

The topic about receipt involves several aspects. In general, you have this document because something has is done. For example, you may obtain a delivery receipt when receiving the products. Bank also produces many receipts to legalize and authorize almost all transactions. From this point, the receipt is implemented in many transactions and tasks.

Blank Delivery Receipt Template

Blank Receipt Sample Contents

The next section will explore the contents you find on a blank receipt sample. Keep in mind the blank sample does not mean any item or outline. On the contrary, you still see the form and table for contents. The receipt has content related to purpose and function. Explore more for contents in the below list.

  1. Sales receipt or bill of sales

The most common content is the sales receipt or also called the bill of sales. It has information about sales that the company has done. You can see the sales ID, product detail, buyer and seller, term of condition, payment method, etc.


  1. Invoice

The other content for receipt is the invoice. This kind of receipt is a formal document that the seller or company sends into the buyer or client. It contains a list of information about a product and due date for payment. Invoice is created before a transaction is complete.


  1. Money receipt

Anything about money transfer must have the receipt. It is legal verification especially when you use cash not bank service or virtual payment. The receipt contains a transaction ID, recipient, amount of money, date, and signature.


  1. Product and service receipt

The next content is receipt after delivering a product or service. It is quite different from the bill of sales. This receipt is what a customer has to make sure the product is delivered properly.

Blank Receipt Sample Layout

Blank receipt sample has a simple and straightforward outline. You do not see the unnecessary words or layout that’s not related to product and transaction. In general, most receipts will look like a list of the form you must complete. The company and seller fill the information based on what the receipt supposed to be.

Blank Receipt Sample and Template

You should check some samples regarding the receipts. They have various designs and layouts. One receipt is for a specific purpose. Even though the content is different, the basic item is quite similar. Most receipts have a similar outline.

  1. Sales receipts
  2. Donation receipt
  3. Restaurant receipt
  4. Taxi receipt
  5. Bank transfer receipt
  6. Payment receipt
  7. Invoice note
  8. Delivery receipt
  9. Cash receipt
  10. Business receipt

From the samples above, you see that many receipts are available for business; even the non-profit organization also produces the receipts. Some of them might have only two or three forms, such as the taxi receipt. A complex transaction requires a complete form with more items to be fulfilled.

Blank Receipt Sample Free Template

All templates for blank receipt samples are free. You can save the time and effort for the repetitive and regular receipt that you always make. Moreover, the template is flexible to modify and adjust to your situation.

Blank Donation Receipt Template

Blank Receipt for Services Blank Restaurant Receipt Template Blank Sales Receipt Template

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