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Professional-Looking Company Receipt Template with Various Formats

When you are purchasing goods, you need proof of purchase to avoid calculation error, reduce fraud, and in case you need to return the item. This is what the receipt is useful for. It provides accountability for the customers who can use it as financial future reference and the salesperson who’s in charge of doing the transaction. Find various downloadable samples of the company receipt template to use for your business. They contain accurate details you’d need for a receipt, such as a cost, date, location, and the salesperson.

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Business Company Receipt Template

The company receipt template is a piece of document that acknowledges a financial transaction, including purchasing goods or service, donating money, depositing money for lease purposes, and so on. The purpose of using receipt is to allow the customer to keep track of their purchases as recordkeeping and to keep an accurate record for the business or organizations. Receipt tracking is especially crucial during the tax session for business as supporting documents for audit and the customer to claim the deduction

Company Receipt Template Elements

After the transaction is being made, a receipt should be given to the purchaser. For the receipt to be beneficial for the customers and the business itself, it must contain several basic elements as listed below.

  1. The name and address of the business

The business name and its address are typically written at the very top or very bottom part of the document. They should be displayed clearly so in case there’s an issue regarding the transaction, the customer knows where to go.


  1. The products or services purchased, along with their price

This is the main content of the receipt and usually takes up the majority of the space. It lists the items that were bought as well as its price, so the customers and the vendor can recognize what is bought and sold.


  1. The subtotal, taxes, and total

Under the list of items purchased, their prices are summed to know the subtotal, which is the total price before tax is added. After the tax section is counted then both subtotal and taxes are added to know the total charge.


  1. The transaction record details

Under the total charge, it should be recorded how much the buyer paid and the amount of change if there’s any.

Company Receipt Template Collection

Find a broad selection of company receipt template by browsing through the list of receipt forms here on this page. The set of templates comprised of cash transactions, business invoices, services receipt, donations, and item deliveries. They are available in simple, professional, and printable layouts to increase the flexibility and functionality of various types of businesses.

Free Downloadable Company Receipt Template

Writing receipts by hand or making the layout by yourself is possible under certain settings. However, there are so many advantages you can get by using the high-quality company receipt template. Choose a suitable blank template of receipt in different formats, and personalize it according to your needs by adding your business logo, changing the color, or customize the contained information.

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