Money Receipt Template

What Is a Money Receipt Template?

Transactions using money are still the option for some people. As a business owner, you should provide the best service by giving a complete receipt. To make it easier to record the sales, you should use the money receipt template, so both of you and your customers can see the details of transactions.

In the wider community, the receipts have several types. The first one is the receipt of sales used in the business world. They are commonly found in stores that sell daily necessities. The second type is a receipt for rental payments. This one does not have a clear format because the transactions are usually conducted between individuals, namely the tenants and landlords. Finally, there is an official receipt from the company or organization. This type has formal language, more detailed information and the signature of the chairman of the company or organization or those in authority.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Foreign Cheque

The Purpose of Money Receipt Template

The main purpose of using the money receipt template is for the transparency of transactions carried out by both parties (buyer and seller). This is important to avoid calculation errors in transactions. With receipts that contain detailed information, it will facilitate the guarantee, the returns of the item which buyers have purchased before, and so on.

What Information You Should Put on Money Receipt Template

There is no specific format for creating a good money receipt template. You can write any information as long as it is related to the transaction. You should write the information as follows.


  1. First is your business identity. It includes the company name, office address, e-mail address, and telephone number.  Don’t forget to put the company logo on receipt to give a formal impression that may convince your buyers.
  2. Details of items purchased by the buyer. Record all items purchased in detail as a proof of transaction. This is very helpful if there is damage to the goods purchased or when the consumer asks for a refund.
  3. The amount of money that must be paid by the buyer. This also includes other components, such as the discounts (if any), taxes, a donation (if they want), the number of items purchased and other additional costs.


How to Get Money Receipt Template for Free

There are two ways to create a receipt template. First, you can make it yourself. Second, you can download ready-made templates both free and in-purchased files. If you have a limited budget, you can choose the free template. On this page, you can find various types of receipt templates with different functions and a variety of information about money receipt. Just use them as your reference or guideline.

How to Use Money Receipt Template

If you have found the money receipt template you want, the next thing is to fill it. If the template format does not suit your needs, you can edit and customize it based on your preference. After filling it, you can directly print it in plain paper as an example or just save it as a softcopy.

Amount Received Template

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