Printable Receipt Templates

Free Printable Receipt Templates in PDF and Words


Downloading printable receipt templates is quite important for any business. A receipt should be used as the legal documentation that someone has received, mostly money, from someone else. Use these templates down below to create the best receipt for any kind. They are all free and you can select any of them that meets your needs.

Church Contribution Receipt Template

Printable Receipt Templates Formats


As the point of the receipt is that they have to be printable, the formats of it have to be either PDF or Word. These two formats are very common to be used these days and they can all be found for free here. Before getting them, learn a bit more about them down below so that downloading the printable receipt templates will be even easier for you.

  1. PDF Templates

The format PDF is often preferred by a lot of people as they are quite sophisticated. They can be used to make both digital and printed receipts. Use the PDF format if you also plan to have a digital version of your receipt so that the receipt can be seen on the computer or in your gadget with ease.


  1. Words Templates

Making a receipt is going to make the computer gets involved. The most common software on the computer to make documents is the Microsoft Words and that is why this format of Words (doc) will be so commonly found. It is simpler to use, though, and it does not require anything complicated to finish the receipt.


Daycare Printable Receipt Templates


Placing your kids in a daycare requires you to pay money for sure. Also, if you are working in a daycare or even you are an owner of a daycare, you need to make sure that you do know how to make the printable receipt templates for daycare services. If you do not know-how, the template over here will help you out easily.


Medical Printable Receipt Templates


Getting out of a hospital or finishing seeing a doctor there is the hardest part as you have to pay for the service after that. The hospital or clinic will handle the receipt and then there is the amount of money to pay stated there. This is the example and template to use to make the receipt. It is free to use and free to download, too.


Salary Printable Receipt Templates


Every month, employees will have to receive a salary from the company they are working for. The receipt will be there to mark and emphasize that the employee has received their salary. Use this template over here to create the needed receipt. It should be free to download and it can be edited and printed, too.

 House Rent Receipt Template 3

In Kind Donation Receipt National Games Donation Receipt Official Donation Receipt For Income Tax Purposes Template Purchase Receipt Template Receipt for Uniform And Property Template

Those templates are editable and they can also get printed easily. This is why you should consider using them whenever you need to issue a receipt. There is no need to create them on your own and waste your time. They are easy to get and they are all free to use. You can have the printable receipt templates right now.

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