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Store Receipts and Free Editable Receipt Templates


Having a store will always make you have many transactions every day. There will be buyers and they buy many kinds of items or goods in your store. Of course, it is your responsibility to help them in selling the items. Then, you also have a responsibility to give the store receipt at the end of the transaction. This is important although some people may think that the receipt maybe not necessary.

Business Tax Receipt Template

Medical Store Receipt Template


Having the receipt becomes important. This becomes the valid proof of transaction and customers can check to make sure that the receipt shows the same information regarding the items bought in the stores. In this case, you can find many kinds of store receipts when you need references.

One of them is medical store receipts. This type of receipt is very specific and it is normally found in the hospital, pharmacy, or drug stores. Although it has a clear segment or category, the parts of receipts may be similar to other receipts in general.


Commercial Store Invoice Receipt Template


In doing the transaction, it is not only about store receipt. In some cases of a transaction, it is also possible to have the invoice. The invoice may be similar to the receipts in terms of parts or details in the template. However, commonly the invoice is made in case there is an order in advance.


The invoice may also include the information when the customers have the down payment for the services or products that they are going to pay. The down payment becomes the transaction in advance and people can pay half or some parts of the total payment. These details will be included in both the invoice and receipts.


Store Receipt Template Formats


Regarding the store receipt templates, there are some possible document formats to find. These options of format exist since every seller or merchants can have different preferences in using the receipt template.


  1. PDF format

This is commonly found in the merchants or sellers who like to fill the details manually. They will print the receipt templates and write down the details of the transaction by handwriting.


  1. Microsoft Word

The second document format is for the platform of Microsoft Word. This is specifically dedicated to those who want to input the details on PC.


  1. Microsoft Excel

This is similar to Microsoft Word. However, this app works with tables. There are also formulas for calculation, so it is easier for accounting.


Free Editable Store Receipt Templates


There are many ways to get the templates. Some people choose to create templates. Then, some people choose to find the sources, so they can download the files freely. This second option is surely easier to do.

Clothing Store Receipt Template

Commercial Invoice Receipt Template e Ticket Receipt Template House Rent Receipt Template 5 Sample Store Receipt Template

When you have obstacles in creating your template, it is better to download them. You can find free templates where you can easily download the files without worrying about payment. Even, you can choose the store receipt format, so it is possible to get the editable receipt templates.

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