Sample Plumbing Receipt

Sample Plumbing Receipt for Billing

Plumbing is a kind of service business. It is a private company or personal service depending on the business model. You may ask your neighbor who has skill and experience in plumbing. For a professional business, the company always has a sample plumbing receipt. As similar to the common receipt, customers have an obligation to complete the payment.

Your water and drainage system might be broken. For fixing this situation, you should ask the plumbing service company. After the problem is solved, the plumber gives a receipt containing the list of services and materials. This receipt includes the total amount you should pay.

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Sample Plumbing Receipt Main Idea

Plumbing is a business that combines service and product. When the water system is a leak and broken, a plumber will fix and change certain tools. The minor issue does not need a new tool, such as the faucet to install in the sink. On the other hand, you may require purchasing a new appliance as a part of the plumbing service.

All the items you spend will be on this receipt. Plumbing companies must explain why this step or task becomes necessary. A reliable plumber is capable to do his job as efficiently as possible. The detail in receipt protects customers from fraud. Well, the ignorant client is an easy target, particularly when hiring a plumbing service without the proper credential. You might only get a receipt without checking. That’s something you will not get when you hire the company with a solid sample plumbing receipt.

Sample Plumbing Receipt and Template

The next section gives some samples regarding plumbing receipts. You may have a few of them with various designs and layouts. In general, the template for the sample plumbing receipt is quite similar. More explanations will be on the following list.

  1. Regular plumbing receipt

In general, there is no regulation about how receipt looks like. Every company has a different layout based on information that must be in a receipt. If you do not know which template and sample for your business, a regular plumbing receipt is the best choice. It has a blank form with necessary items for a plumbing business.


  1. Plumbing service contract

Some receipts are only for proof of transaction. On the other hand, you also see certain receipts with more content, even long terms, and conditions. This is part of the plumbing service contract including receipt. You will have a list of service, guarantee, price of material, etc. This kind of receipt is useful for legal documentation.


  1. Plumbing payment receipt

The next template is for one purpose only, which is payment. After the service is done, the plumber receives money and gives receipt directly to the client. This receipt verifies that the client already pays the plumbing service.

Sample Plumbing Receipt Design

The design for this receipt is straightforward and concise. If the receipt includes a contract, the words must be official and professional. You can choose the template with less unnecessary things. One receipt is useful to fulfill several needs. Of course, you should edit and change the layout to adjust to your preference.

Sample Plumbing Receipt Printable Download

You can have a sample plumbing receipt as a free template. There is no fee when you download and edit this file. Moreover, the layout already has set for a printed receipt. You only input the data and print it in receipt paper. After that, you can give it to the client directly. Therefore, the plumbing service is finished.

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