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Business Letterhead Template: Find Out the Desired Template


Actually, you need to have a business letterhead template design. It should be like that if you have and hold any business. This letterhead will tell about your work. If you are necessary to send written contracts or others, you have to write the letterhead. Greatly, it will give a professional impression to the recipients. Then, to get more information about the examples of this template, you can follow this printable business letterhead template.

Business Letterhead in word

5 Examples of the Business Letterhead Template

There will be available for you 5 main examples of this free download PSD that you have to recognize. What are they? Let’s check them out!

  1. The letterhead template of basic business office

In this basic letterhead template, you will find that there is a logo of your company at the top left side. Then, on the right side, there will be a business name, complete address, phone, and fax. So, the position of the letterhead is between the company’s logo and details business. It is the first sample business letterhead template.

  1. The letterhead template with watermaker

How about this second free template in PSD? Here, you will see that the logo of the company is on the left side. Besides, there is also the business name or personal, street address, phone, and email on the right side. Then, in the center of the page template, there will be a shadow of the company’s logo.

Business Letterhead word template free

  1. The letterhead template of custom business

Then, this customizable PSD template will show you that this template is divided into two columns. In the left one, it is for writing the letterhead that contains the personal name, title, contact details, and email. For the right one, it tells the contents of the template, sender, and receiver.

Business Letterhead template for word

  1. The letterhead template of vector EPS corporate business

The next business letterhead template sample applies the white color for the background. You have to know that this kind of letterhead template includes the main elements. They are like the company name, receiver and sender’s detail, title, address, date, and content.

Business Letterhead template free word

  1. The letterhead PSD template of business

What about this last free PSD template? Actually, this letterhead template also uses a white background. However, there is a little dark and light green color on the top and below the edge of the template. It will add a fresh and natural impression to the letterhead template. For the elements, there will be the logo of the company, date, receiver and sender details, and content.


3 Main Benefits of Using Letterhead for a Company

Here, there are 3 benefits that a company can get when it uses a letterhead. Please follow them well in this template free PSD!


  1. Be professional

By using a letterhead when sending a paper or others, it will make the company much more professional.

Business Letterhead customizable word design template

  1. A marketing tool

If you send a letter, you will market your brand so that it will be a powerful marketing tool.

Business Letterhead example word design

  1. Improve the appearance

The last benefit in this PSD template free means that the letterhead will improve the appearance of the letter. It will look officially headed paper and more attractive.

Business Letterhead free download word

Business Letterhead free word template

Business Letterhead in word design

Business Letterhead in word free download

Here is the resume of the business letterhead template printable. Just get it completely!



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