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ID Card Template: Showing Your Identity


Is an ID card template important for someone who works in a company or other places? It should be like that because by having this kind of card template, you will be easy to know by other people. In the information of the printable ID card template, you can recognize some kinds of ID cards. Thus, to get more information about it, please pay attention to the information below carefully!

ID Card psd templates

7 Main Kinds of the ID Card Template

You need to know that this card template has 7 different kinds that are mainly used. What are they? Let’s check them in the following information!

  1. The template of student ID card

In this first sample ID card template, you will see that it is suitable for students. The elements in this ID card are the title, full name, card number, expiry date, and your photo.

  1. The template of company ID card

This second free template in PSD tells that it is used by the employees who work in a company. The template has black, blue, and white colors. The elements are the company name, your name, position, phone number, email, and company’s address.

ID Card templates psd

  1. The template of photo ID card

Then, what can you know in this free PSD template? There will be the components of the company name, photo, name, serial number, valid up to, unit, and emergency number.

ID Card templates for photoshop

  1. The ID card template of student

Here, this customizable PSD template will show some main aspects you should include. They are the name of the university, your photo, name, issued on, expiry date, birthday, department, and ID number.

ID Card psd templates

  1. The template of staff ID card

What about this ID card template sample? Yea, it contains the primary elements of the company’s name, photo, name, serial number, valid up to, date of issue, unit, and emergency number. There are also instructions, email, and phone number.

ID Card customizable psd design templates

  1. The template of doctor ID card

The other template free PSD is the ID card template for the doctor. The front side shows the photo, name, position, name of the medical institute, and ID number. Then, the backside will show the blood type, address, contact person, and others.

ID Card psd

  1. The template of hospital staff ID card

The last kind of the PSD template free provides the elements of photo, name, position, and signature at the front side. For the backside, there are the blood type, address, contact person, and contact ID.

7 Basic Elements in the Template of ID Card

Here are the elements that you should include in this free download PSD template.

  1. Name

Your name is the first main element in this ID card.

ID Card in photoshop

  1. Company name

Then, there is also the name of the company or the school you attend.

  1. Job title

The job title or position is important to write in this template.

ID Card example psd design

  1. Photo

You must add your current photo.

  1. Signature

This element is usually put under the photo.

ID Card in photoshop

  1. Date

It means that the issue and expiration date you should include an ID card.

  1. Property information

You can add the property information on the backside of the ID card.

ID Card in psd design

Well, it is about the ID card template printable. Just choose it based on your needs!





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