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Graduation Announcement Template: Design the Forms Beautifully


Hello great students! Do you want to announce your graduation to your loved ones? If you do, it is suggested for you to create a graduation announcement template. You may inform your graduation to your families and close friends. If you are still confused about the designs of this template, don’t worry about it! This printable graduation announcement template will help you to provide various examples of the templates with a different design. Let’s check them out!

graduation announcement psd templates

6 Examples of the Graduation Announcement Template

Here are the examples of this announcement template. Please follow it carefully!

  1. The card template of colorful graduation announcement

You need to know that this template free PSD will show you the colorful template. Here, there are some photos of you, full name, name of college, and date of the event.

graduation announcement psd

  1. The card template of chalkboard graduation announcement

This sample graduation announcement template uses a black theme. There are your photo and invitee’s photo. Then, for the elements, they are the title, full name, date, time, and location.

graduation announcement templates psd

  1. The card template of elegant graduation announcement

Then, what can you get in this free template in PSD? Yea, there will be some main elements like the title, full name, name of college, date, time, and location. Besides, there are also some photos of different styles.

graduation announcement templates for photoshop

  1. The card template of modern graduation announcement

How about this customizable PSD template? In this kind of template, there are some natural backgrounds that you can choose. They are cream, orange, grey, dark blue, and light blue theme. It covers your full name, college’s name, title, date, time, and location.

graduation announcement psd templates

  1. The card template of classic graduation announcement

In addition, this graduation announcement template sample will tell that it is the classic template you can choose. The background of this template is light grey. The components in this template are the title, your full name, name of college, date, and time.

graduation announcement customizable psd design templates

  1. The card template of floral senior graduation announcement

If you want your announcement template looks beautiful, you may use the design in this free PSD template. Actually, it will be appropriate for women because this template is decorated with many beautiful floral. It allows you to add your best photos, full name, college’s name, date and time of the event, and title.


4 Reasons for Using the Template of Graduation Announcement

There are 4 main reasons that you have to know when you use this template. You can check in the information below.

  1. Downloadable

Commonly, this free download PSD is classified into the downloadable template. It means that you can download the template on the websites.

graduation announcement in photoshop

  1. Easy to edit

Then, the second reason is that this template is easy to edit. Here, you can add your personal touch like photos, change the style, and others.

graduation announcement example psd design

  1. Variety designs

Greatly, this PSD template free offers a variety of designs of the template. So, you can choose one of the designs based on your expectation.

graduation announcement in photoshop

  1. Best quality

You need to recognize that this template has the best quality. Therefore, don’t doubt to use it!

graduation announcement in psd design

Here is good information about the graduation announcement template printable. Please understand it well!




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