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Place Card Template For Formal Meal Occasion

Are you invited to your friend’s wedding party? Then, there, you will get a place card template later. This card is usually put on the table that you are going to sit down on for having a formal meal. A place card PSD template free will come with your name written on it. By seeing your place card, the server might be able to serve your food fast. If you need a printable place card template as a supporting item for your event, you could download it here. We have many kinds of place card free PSD template available in different designs and purposes. Let’s check it out for further details below!

Place Card psd templates

15+ Catchy Place Card Template Freely

There are several place card template printable ideas that you might use and need here. Of course, all our templates are free to download. Yet, you need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection and tap the download button near your chosen template. Anyway, now, let’s take a look at our place card example PSD design in the following numbers below!

Place Card psd

  1. Simple Yellow and White Firework Party Place Card
  2. Black Shapes Party Place Card Form
  3. Free Download Pink and Peach Decorative Illustrated Brush Strokes Place Card
  4. Printable Red Passover Place Card
  5. Peach Zigzag Patterned Folded Place Card
  6. Dark Green Bordered Place Card
  7. Blue and Purple Shapes Birthday Place Card
  8. Customizable Coral Floral Ornament Place Card
  9. Orange Simple Dinner Place Card
  10. Red Pattern Christmas Place Card
  11. Maroon Birthday Place Card
  12. Brown and Green Colorful Light Wedding Place Card
  13. Blue and Orange Pumpkins Thanksgiving Place Card
  14. Cream Ornamental Decoration Christmas Place Card
  15. Indigo and Magenta Christmas Place Card
  16. Azure Floral Wedding Folded Place Card
  17. Grey Brown Dinner Place Card

Place Card templates psd

Finally, all sample place card template designs mentioned above come in an editable design. Therefore, you could easily add any details on the template you downloaded. Finally, all of our place cards are available in the US standard Letter with A4 size. Talking about the format, mostly, they will be in PSD Photoshop.

Place Card templates for photoshop

Some Details on Card Receipt

If you are about to create a DIY place card customizable PSD template, you must know all details on it first. What are they? Let’s talk about it below!

  1. The guest’s name. If you are going to create a place for Mr. Jones and his family members, you could just write The Jones Family and Guests. If this card is for your friend, you would better write down his or her name. It is okay to mention his nickname if you are close to him.
  2. Table number. A place card is also useful for a server because he or she might know where he should serve foods and beverages correctly. Therefore, you need to write down the table number on the guest’s place card.
  3. Design. To make it interesting, do not use only white background but a colorful one with some certain patterns or illustrations.

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Finally, the place card template sample must contain simple but certain and informative words. Get your place card template Photoshop for updated design here.



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