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Invitation Card Template: It Helps You to Invite People to Certain Events

Do you want to invite people to both formal and informal events? Whether inviting to presentation meeting, farewell party, engagement ceremony, etc., let you make use of an invitation card template to help you. This invitation template Photoshop card must contain simple but detailed information about the event you are being invited to. If you want to get a printable invitation card template, you may visit our site here. We offer you several kinds of invitation free PSD templates in varied designs and ideas. Let’s talk about our invitation card for further info below!

invitation card in photoshop


16+ Helpful Invitation Card Template For Free

Several helpful invitation card template printable ideas might help you to invite others to certain events. For your information, our invitation cards are free to download but you need to connect your device first. Then, you need to tap the download button near your chosen invitation template. Anyway, our invitation card mostly are available in Photoshop free download. Well, now, let’s take a look at our different invitation card collections in the following numbers below!

invitation card in psd design

  1. Sunset Photograph Invitation Card
  2. Blue and Cream Bordered Heart Card Casino Invitation Card
  3. Simple Black and White Invitation Card
  4. Yellow Simple Minimalist Farewell Party Invitation Card
  5. New Colorful Blue Floral Engagement Invitation Card
  6. Pink Gold Modern Engagement Invitation Card
  7. Sample White Photograph Bright Bridal Party Invitation Card
  8. Customizable Gold and Red Indian Marriage Invitation Card
  9. Printable Beige Red Ace Card Casino Invitation
  10. Hanukkah Celebrating Invitation Card
  11. Beige Modern Floral Wedding Invitation Card
  12. Patrick’s Day Sale Invitation
  13. Pastel Purple and Yellow Sweet Halloween Party Invitation Card
  14. Black and Orange Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Card
  15. Violet and Brown Wedding Invitation Card
  16. Dark Blue and Gold Elegant Man Wedding Invitation Card
  17. Men Birthday Blue Invitation Card
  18. Cream Rustic Birthday Invitation Card

invitation card psd templates

All these 18 PSD template free invitation cards mentioned above use the US standard Letter with A4 paper size. Therefore, if you want to print your downloaded sample invitation card template with your printer, you must prepare for A4 papers, too.

invitation card psd

Creating a DIY Invitation Card

Even we provide some example PSD design invitation templates, you could also create its DIY version. Then, let you pay attention to some important things below!

  1. Purposes. As has been explained, there are several different invitation cards. Therefore, you need to think about your goals first. Why do you create an invitation card? Do you want to invite your friends to your wedding party, birthday event, engagement ceremony, etc.? Once you are clear about it, you could know what to do.
  2. Simple but clear. An invitation card must include simple words so that everyone may understand it. Of course, it also contains details such as the place, date, time, or even contact number.
  3. Use colorful themes. To make your invitation card interesting, you may use a colorful theme. Then, you could also add font color, bold, underline, italic, etc. Be creative!

invitation card templates psd

invitation card templates for photoshop

invitation card psd templates

invitation card customizable psd design templates invitation card example psd design invitation card in photoshop

Finally, an invitation card template sample is useful for anyone, especially for those who are about to invite others to a certain party. Download your invitation template in PSD Photoshop here freely soon!







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