10 Event Invitation on psd templates

Event Invitation Templates: Invite Your Beloved Ones


Do you want to hold a special event? If you do, you need to invite some special guests that include family members, friends, or colleagues. Thus, you will need to create the event invitation templates. Since there are so many kinds of events, these printable event invitation templates provide some examples. To check those examples more, please follow the information below in detail!

event invitation templatess psd templates

6 Mainly Examples of the Event Invitation Templates

There will be provided for you 6 main examples of this free PSD template. Therefore, to get more information about them, let’s check the examples below!

  1. The invitation to the holiday event

In the first kind of the sample event invitation templates, you will see that the invitation template uses a grey background. In the edge corner of the template, there are some white leaves and small red circles. Then, you may add the text in the center of the template. It covers the title, date and time, place, and RSVP.

  1. The invitation template of the dinner event

This second free template in PSD will tell you that the template is natural because it has a white background. There is a little decoration of leaves on the right and left side. The elements in this invitation template are the title, receiver’s name, date and time, place, and RSVP.

event invitation templatess psd

  1. The invitation to the birthday party event

What about this customizable PSD template? It looks so beautiful because the template is embellished with some colorful balloons. You will find some main components in this invitation template. They are such as the event title, date and time, place, and RSVP.

event invitation templatess in psd design

  1. The invitation to the charity golf event

Then, what can you know about this event invitation templates sample? Yea, the background of the template is green and its edge is navy. For the main elements, there are the event title, location, date, time, participation fee, format, awards, deadlines, contact number, and registration way.

event invitation templatess templates psd

  1. The invitation to the wedding party event

The next template free PSD is about the wedding party invitation. You need to recognize that this invitation template uses light brown and decorated with beautiful flowers. Then, the components that you have to include are the brides’ name, date, time, place, and RSVP.

event invitation templatess templates for photoshop

  1. The invitation template of the event planner

How about this PSD template free? This kind of invitation template is applied when someone wants to have a lunch party. The background of this template is attractive to see because there is a gradation between, blue, white, and pink. Then, the included elements are the title, date, time, place, and RSVP.

Tips to Create an Event Invitation

Here are the tips that you should follow if you want to make an event invitation template.

  1. Convince the information

It means that you have to make sure that all the information is known well by the guests.

event invitation templatess psd templates

  1. Make cohesion

This free download PSD allows you to use font styles, colors, and sizes.

event invitation templatess customizable psd design templates

  1. Convince the format

Here, you need to make sure that there is a suitable format for the event content.

event invitation templatess in photoshop

  1. Be aware

It is suggested for you to be aware of how to design the items.

event invitation templatess example psd design  event invitation templatess in photoshop

That is the event invitation templates printable that you can learn. Please apply it well!



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