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Birthday Gift Certificate Template: Creating Colorful Design


Do you want to give a special something for your lovely ones on their special day? If the answer is true, you can make a birthday gift certificate template. When you create it, please remember that makes the template different and looks so amazing. Thus, it will be memorable for them. Then, to know the types of the printable birthday gift certificate template, what should you do? Just find them in the information below!

birthday gift certificate in psd design

5 Types of the Birthday Gift Certificate Template

You have to recognize that this birthday gift template offers 5 common types of the form that you can have. What are they? Here are the types of the free PSD template.

  1. The certificate template of candles and cake birthday gift

In this kind of free template in PSD, you can know that it has a milo background. On the left side, it is available a picture of a nice cake and candles. Then, you can add the significant components on this template like the expression of happy birthday and the title. The other ones are the sender, receiver, a gift of, authorized by, and signature.

  1. The certificate template of starflowers birthday gift

For this second sample birthday gift certificate template, it looks so funny, right? It is because the card template is in a starflower shape. The background of this template is white and yellow for its edge. Besides, there are also the decorations of colorful flowers and birthday hats. Then, on the template, there will be the main elements like the expression, title, sender, receiver, a gift of, signature, and validation.

birthday gift certificate psd

  1. The certificate template of birthday gift with balloons

What about this customizable PSD template? Actually, this template looks so simple because it uses white color for the background. Then, there are only three colorful balloons and candles in each corner of the template. The components are the expression, receiver’s name, hope, sender’s name, date, and certificates.

birthday gift certificate templates psd

  1. The certificate template of birthday gift

The next template is not usual than others. The reason is that the shape of this birthday gift certificate template sample is landscape. The background of this template is white but it has a red frame. In addition, for the decoration, it shows a cake with candles, a balloon, and a ribbon. For the components, there is the title, presented to, value, compliments of, date issued, authorized by, and certificate number.

birthday gift certificate templates for photoshop

  1. The certificate template of printable birthday gift

How about this template free PSD? It uses a yellow background and is decorated with a picture of small balloons, cakes, and candles. Then, the elements are included the expression, receiver’s and sender’s name.

Simple Guides to Make a Birthday Gift Certificate

To make this PSD template free, please follow these guides below well!

  1. Create a gift certificate

You can fill any of the form fields and click on the Create button.

birthday gift certificate psd templates

  1. Download gift certificate

This free download PSD allows you to use Display As Image or the button of Download. So, you can download the gift certificate automatically.

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Well, that is the review of the birthday gift certificate template printable. Please understand it well!





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