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Title Page Template: Designing the Page Attractively


Are you preparing such a report or project? If you are, it is sure that you will need a cover page template or a title page template. Yea, it is because that page will be the very first thing that the reader will see. So, it should be well-made. However, don’t worry about that! In this printable title page template, you will find some usual templates that you can apply.

Title Page in word design

5 Samples of the Title Page Template

This free template in PSD has 5 samples of the forms that you can try to make. Are you curious about them? Let’s check them out!

  1. The page template in orange

In this first sample title page template, you will know that this template applies some colors for the background. The combination of the colors is orange, white, and grey. Each of them forms like a triangle. Then, on the white background, you can add the company name with a big and clear font.

  1. The page template in blue

For this template free PSD, what can you infer about it? The background of this template is indeed mainly light blue. On this blue background, you can add the title headline of the report or project. However, there is also a small black background under the blue one. Actually, it is for writing the company name.

Title Page in word free download

  1. The page template in white

What about this third free PSD template? Yea, if you want to have a simple template of the title page, it is suggested for you to use this white template. You have to know that the background of this template is white and there is a little combination of pink color. On the top of the title page, you may add the company logo. Then, for the title headline, you can place it under the logo of the company.

Title Page in word

  1. The page template in white and green

Then, what can you find in this title page template sample? If you want the title page of your report or project to look fresh and natural, you may try to create this template. Then, the combination of the colors in this template is mainly white, a little black, and green. On the white background and in the center of the page, it allows writing the title headline.

Title Page template free word

  1. The page template in black and white

This customizable PSD template will show the original form of the template. It is because the background uses black and white also a little light blue. On the white background, you should add the company logo, title headline, and even some small hexagons.


Some Important Elements in a Title Page

You have to include the following elements in the PSD template free. Here they are.

  1. The title

You need to write the title or subtitle of the document.

Title Page template for word

  1. The author details

It covers the name and title of the author.

Title Page word template free

  1. The cover image

This free download PSD tells the cover image that contains the logo of the company.

Title Page customizable word design template

  1. The description

It means that you should also write a short description of the document.

Title Page example word design

Title Page free download word

Title Page free word template

That’s all about the title page template printable. Please get a better understanding of it!



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