10 sample Wedding Seating Chart psd

Wedding Seating Chart Template: Get the Perfect Wedding


Do you couple who need a wedding seating chart template for the perfect wedding? If you do, don’t worry about it! This printable wedding seating chart template will provide everything that you need about your wedding plan. One of them is about the seating for the guests. Therefore, to get perfect and orderly for seating the guests, juts follow the information below well!

wedding seating chart psd templates

6 Samples of the Wedding Seating Chart Template

This resume offers 6 samples of the wedding seating that are mainly used by many couples. Are you curious about those samples? Here they are.

  1. The chart example of wedding seating

The first sample wedding seating chart template tells that this template uses black color for the background. It contains the names of the couple and the wedding date. There are 9 tables of the wedding seating in this template. Just find your seat on each table!

wedding seating chart templates psd

  1. The chart template of free bridal shower seating

In this second free PSD template, you will find 6 tables of seating. The background of this template is white and decorated with beautiful floral borders.

wedding seating chart templates for photoshop

  1. The chart template of blank wedding seating

Then, what is the next sample of the customizable PSD template? Yea, this blank wedding seating template applies black and white theme. There are 12 tables, the couple’s name, and wedding date.

wedding seating chart psd templates

  1. The chart template of simple wedding seating

Here, what can you find? This free template in PSD shows that it uses white color for the background or theme. There is a rose flower in each corner of the template and two flowers on the middle top. Six tables are available in this template.

wedding seating chart customizable psd design templates

  1. The chart template of beach wedding seating

How about this template free PSD? Greatly, this template looks so beautiful. It is because this template applies interesting gradation colors of beach blue and cream. There are also colorful and beautiful flowers embellish this template.

wedding seating chart example psd design

  1. The chart template of sample wedding seating chart

You need to know that this wedding seating chart template sample offers the template that uses beautiful fonts and minimalistic patterns. For the theme, it uses white color. Then, it is also embellished with a few small flower decorations.


5 Simple Steps to Make a Wedding Seating Chart

When you want to create this wedding seating chart, please follow these steps below! Here are the steps.

  1. Select a floor plan

The first step you have to do to make this PSD template free is choosing a floor plan. Here, please determine the total guests, tables, and stage.

wedding seating chart in photoshop

  1. Make a layout

Then, this step will help you to show the best physical arrangement for the event.

wedding seating chart in photoshop

  1. Set the tables

In this step, you must arrange the tables in good order so that the guests can see the stage.

wedding seating chart in psd design

  1. Allocate the seats

This free download PSD lets you determine who the guests should sit where.

  1. Give special needs

You can infer that you may give any special needs or VIP treatment for your certain guests.


That’s all about the wedding seating chart template printable. For the couple, please learn it well!



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