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Flow Chart Template: Indicates the Steps Clearly


What can you infer about a flow chart? You need to know that a flow chart is a graphical representation of a process. Then, the flow chart template will tell that it is specialized with symbols or boxes that are connected with arrows. Moreover, it represents the steps. Therefore, if you want to recognize it more, you can check in the following printable flow chart template.

Flow Chart templates psd

8 Types of the Flow Chart Template

There are 8 important types of flow charts that you can recognize. Here they are

  1. The flow chart of a simple project process

This free PSD template shows some elements that should be written. They are like receipt of a formal inquiry, registration of project initiation, preparation of project requirements, and submission of a detailed proposal. There is also formal acceptance of the order, and appointment of the project team.

  1. The Excel format of the procedure flow chart

In this second sample flow chart template, you will find the essential aspects. Those aspects are the steps, detailed explanations, and alternative details.

  1. The template of the sample flow chart

The template free PSD contains the points that you have to include. Those points are such as expert, initialize the model, system, identify candidate models, evaluate candidate models, and update the model.

Flow Chart psd templates

  1. The template of the decision tree flow chart

Then, what about this kind of template? It will provide the aspects of the decision, solutions, and possible outcomes.

  1. The template of the easy web flow chart

Here, you will know that this PSD template free covers the significant components. What are they? Yea, the components are like home page, video gallery, portfolio, contact, article, video, product, map, and blog.

Flow Chart example psd design

  1. The template of the user flow chart

Furthermore, what can you find in this kind of template? Exactly, this flow chart template sample offers the elements of login to Soundtap, Facebook, email, search, type, show page, and others.

  1. The template of the lead gen flow chart

How about this customizable PSD template? You will see that the components are like social ads, social conversation, email, landing pages, lead nurturing, and sale.

Flow Chart psd templates

  1. The template of company flowchart

In addition, the other kind in this free template in PSD includes some main aspects. Those aspects are CEO, vice president, business development manager, business development associate, and business development specialist.


7 Steps to Design a Flow Chart in Microsoft Word

There are 7 steps that you can apply to design this flow chart in Microsoft Word. Here are the steps.

  1. Maximize the page

The first step is to maximizing the page and collapsing the ribbons.

  1. Choose View

Then, please choose the option of View and Gridlines!

  1. Click Insert

Here, you need to click on Insert and choose shapes. So, it allows you to find specific shapes.

  1. Choose the shape

Furthermore, this free download PSD tells you to choose the desired shape.

  1. Click inside the shape

To add the label, you should click inside the shape.

  1. Add arrows

You may add arrows by using the option of Lines under Shapes.

  1. Design a flow chart

In this case, you can go to insert the desired shapes and then arrow to design a perfect one.


It is about the flow chart template printable that you can know. Please understand it well!



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