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Line Graph Template: Customize the Graph Creatively


Do you need a line graph template? Actually, this kind of template will let you customize every aspect visually. It can be from the color and size of the text to the placement of the labels. In addition, you may add such backgrounds and additional graphic elements to this template of the line graph. Then, for the types of the printable line graph template, you can check in the following information.

line graph psd templates

5 Lists of the Line Graph Template

You need to recognize that this free PSD template provides 5 lists of the template. Thus, please follow them carefully!

  1. The graph template for sales by store

In the first sample line graph template, you will see that this template is decorated with contrasting colors on a dark background. Then, this graph template is suitable for having presentations on marketing. Besides, by using this template, you can also present any data simply. You can do it by replacing any default data with your data by using an infographic creator.

  1. The graph template of site traffic

What about this second free template in PSD? Yea, you have to know that this template looks so simple and beautiful. Why can it be like that? It is because the features of this template use a clean design. It, of course, can work with all types of purposes and industries. Therefore, you may edit the content, change images, use custom colors, apply your color theme, and add or remove content blocks.

line graph psd

  1. The graph template of population

Then, the next list of the customizable PSD template is about the population line graph. Greatly, this kind of graph template is appropriate for comparing numbers and statistics. Besides, this template offers an eye-catching design and is completed with colors against a dark background. Here, it allows you to customize the part of the template, add unique icons, images, and animations to make it look more interesting.

line graph templates psd

  1. The graph template of economics

The fourth line graph template sample will show you the structural headwinds and measurement challenges. It is divided into the emerging market and developing economics also advanced economics. So, you can use this template to present your findings creatively. Generally, you may add in the brand colors, fonts, logos, and others.

line graph templates for photoshop

  1. The graph template of the annual number of deaths

Last, what can you know in this template free PSD? Here, you may drag and drop different shapes and interactive data to highlight specific markers. In addition, it is also to add a legend at the bottom for getting an easier interpretation of the chart.

Easy Steps to Create a Line Graph in Canva

If you want to make a line graph in Canva, you should follow these steps in this PSD template free.

  1. Create a new Canva account

Please create this account to get started with your line graph design.

line graph psd templates

  1. Choose Charts

Just choose that icon under the elements tab.

line graph customizable psd design templates

  1. Choose the line graph

Here, you can choose the icon of the line graph.

line graph in photoshop

  1. Click data

Then, to create this free download PSD, you should click Data on the toolbar. It is to copy and paste your labels and values.

line graph in psd design

  1. Customize details

Finally, you may customize details of the line colors and label fonts. Don’t forget to save and share!

line graph example psd design

line graph in photoshop

It is the reference of the line graph template printable.




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