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Modern CV Template: Finding the Various Types of Resume Forms


Are you looking for a job? If it is so, it is of course for you to create such a modern CV template first. You have to know that this kind of template will provide so many formats that you can choose. Besides, it also offers some important elements that you have to include in your resume. Don’t worry about it! You will get them in this printable modern CV template.

Modern CV psd templates

5 Main Types of the Modern CV Template

Here, you will see that there are 5 main types of templates that are based on their functionality. To get more information about this free template in PSD, just check it in detail!

  1. The template in the glimmer

The first sample modern CV template means that it applies blue shades for the background. Besides, it is also for the section headers that are completed with a profile picture. Then, you need to know that this kind of template includes some main elements like qualifications summary, skills, and work history.

  1. The template in the designer’s touch

In this second free PSD template, what can you get? Yea, you will know that this template uses a light blue font for the titles. There are also arrow bullet points on gray backgrounds and lines. Then, what about the components in this template? There will be a detailed profile, picture, summary, education, training, skills, and strengths.

Modern CV psd

  1. The template in open entry

What does it mean? This customizable PSD template shows the classic form. For the important elements, this template covers the profile, objective, education, related skills, hobbies and interests, and references. Here, this template allows you to add the keywords, training, or certifications.

Modern CV templates psd

  1. The template in framed

The next template that you can apply is in framed. This fourth modern CV template sample has no obvious frame. The elements in this template are such as the profile, key skills and knowledge, education, relevant skills, personal skills, and contact details. For the contact details, it covers the address, phone, and email.

Modern CV templates for photoshop

  1. The template in block step

This template free PSD shows that it applies color and shapes. Greatly, it will help the reader direct the document or content. The main components that you have to write are the profile, position, summary, skills, experience, and education.


Main Elements in the Modern Resume Template

Here are the main elements in the resume template that you have to include.

  1. Contact and personal information

It covers your name, contact number, job profile, age, relationship status, and others.

Modern CV psd templates

  1. Professional summary

Here, you should write past professional experience and future goals.

Modern CV customizable psd design templates

  1. Experience section

This PSD template free will cover your work experiences before.

Modern CV example psd design

  1. Education

There will be lists of education that you have studied.

Modern CV in photoshop

  1. Skills

It is also important for you to include some related skills that you have in the free download PSD.

Modern CV in photoshop

Modern CV in psd design

That is the information about the modern CV template printable. Please learn it carefully!




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