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Email Signature Template: Make it Clear and Understandable


Is an email signature template important for you? It should be like that because this kind of template will help you to connect or disconnect with the recipient. Then, you have to know that a good printable email signature template should get the reader’s attention. In addition, it will also make the email look professional and formal. Therefore, please follow the information below in detail!

Email Signature psd templates

The Important Elements Include in the Email Signature Template

You need to know that there are 7 main elements that you have to include in this template of the email signature. What are they? They will be available for you here.

  1.  Name, title, and company

The first element in the sample email signature template that you have to recognize is name, title, and company. Please convince that you write down all of them in the email signature!

  1. Link

This kind of the template free PSD tells that the link is the second important element. Actually, it will be very significant to include the contact information of the social media in the email signature. It will help you to increase the accessibility and reach of the company.

Email Signature templates psd

  1. Contact information

Then, what can you infer about this free PSD template? For the contact information in the email signature, it should include the website of your business. It is not only the business website but also the official phone number. Then, you may write your email address in this template, but it is optional for you.

Email Signature psd

  1. Logo

How about this element in the email signature template sample? In this case, it is very suggested for you to add the official logo of your company. Exactly, it can develop your email signature.

Email Signature templates for photoshop

  1. Photo

Furthermore, in this free template in PSD, it allows you to add a photo of the sender. It is because many email signatures include it. However, it is just an option for you. So, if it is unnecessary for you, you may skip it.

Email Signature psd templates

  1. Responsive design

What about this kind of element in the free download PSD? Here, the design of the email signature has to be clear and also responsive.

Email Signature customizable psd design templates

  1. Clear design

In this case, you should try to make the information and design to be clear and understood well. The reason is that the purpose of making an email signature is to inform and connect.

4 Main Pointers of the Email Signature

There will be available for you 4 basic pointers to give a final overview to the email signature in this PSD template free. Do you want to recognize them? Let’s check them out!

  1. Simple look

The first pointer shows that the email signature must be simple and uncomplicated one.

Email Signature example psd design

  1. Flat or semi-flat design

This customizable PSD template tells that you should avoid using 3D looks.

Email Signature in photoshop

  1. Crisp and clean

Then, you must avoid using script or calligraphy fonts.

Email Signature in photoshop

  1. Large legible text

It means that you should use the large text that is legible in the email signature.

Email Signature in psd design

Well, this is the reference about the email signature template printable that you should learn. Just get it!




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