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Contact Sheet Template: Getting to Know the Form Lists


What do you know about the contact sheet template? Actually, this kind of sheet template will be useful for photographers when they need to show the final shoot photographs to their clients. Greatly, the photos will be in a well-order. Thus, the clients will find the information clearly and directly. Moreover, this printable contact sheet template has some lists of the templates. To get more information about them, please follow these lists in detail!

contact sheet in word free download

5 Lists of the Contact Sheet Template

There are 5 primary lists of this sheet template that you can learn. Do you want to get those lists in this free PSD template? Here are available for you.

  1. The format of the parent contact sheet

In this first sample contact sheet template, you will see that this parent contact sheet is provided in Word format. It covers some aspects like the title, receiving contact, a person contacted, date, telephone if called, the reason for contact, and action taken.

  1. The template of the client contact sheet

Then, this second free template in PSD shows the example of the client contact sheet. The components that are included are the title, name, address, phone, email, date of birth, and SSN.

contact sheet template for word

  1. The template of parent contact information sheet

Here, what can you find? Yea, this template free PSD allows you to know the important components in this sheet. What are they? Well, those components are like the title, children’s details, and parent details. For the children’s details, it contains the name, birthday, and others. Then, for the parent details, it includes the father’s name, mother’s name, phone, email, and occupation.

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  1. The template of the customer contact sheet

In this contact sheet template sample, you will know that this sheet template provides significant aspects. What are those aspects? They are such as the title, customer information, program, topic, number of participants, program location, and timeline.

contact sheet template free word

  1. The template of employee emergency contact sheet

The other free download PSD template is the contact sheet of employee emergency. It is available in PDF format. How about the elements in this template? Yea, it consists of the title, employee name, and emergency contact information. In addition, the employee name includes the full name, mailing address, and physical address. Then, the last component contains a primary and secondary contact name, physical address, telephone, and relationship.


Steps to Create a Contact Sheet inside Lightroom

If you need to create this kind of contact sheet, you should follow these steps below. Let’s check them in this PSD template free!

  1. Choose a template

You can choose the form that you want to add to the contact sheet.

contact sheet in word

  1. Add image

Here, it allows you to add the selected image that you want.

contact sheet word template free

  1. Add captions

It means that you may add the image captions for the design.

contact sheet customizable word design template

  1. Customize the contact sheet

Then, this customizable PSD template lets you customize the contact sheet.

contact sheet example word design

  1. Set the margins

It tells to increase the bottom or top margin.

contact sheet free word template

  1. Print the result

When you have done all of the previous steps, it will be ready to print the result of the template.

contact sheet free download word

It is the reference for the contact sheet template printable. You may get the lists of the template here.




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