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Magazine Cover Template: Choose the Best Design


Do you have a business in an information field, especially for the online magazine? Yea, if the answer is true, it is suggested for you to create such a magazine cover template. On the other hand, in this modern era, it is of course that there is a big competition. Therefore, to get the best cover template of your magazines, this printable magazine cover template will offer the lists of the kinds. Please pay attention to the following information!

Magazine Cover in psd design

7 Lists of the Magazine Cover Template

This cover template will provide 7 lists of the template that can be your source. What are they? Here are the lists.

  1. The cover template of the amazing premium fashion magazine

In this first sample magazine cover template, you will see that it tells about the fashion. It covers the dresses, jackets, jewelry, and best hair and makeup. It is about girls’ needs.

  1. The cover template of the music magazine

This second free PSD template will show the model of the popular singer in the cover. It is named Rihanna. In this biggest music magazine, you will find so many music that you can learn.

Magazine Cover psd templates

  1. The cover template of food magazine

What about this third free template in PSD? For the cover, it is decorated with a delicious food picture. Here, there will be tips, techniques, and tricks to cook certain foods.

Magazine Cover psd

  1. The template of the sports magazine

This kind of magazine is appropriate for sports lovers. In this case, it is motorsport. So, the cover of this customizable PSD template is about the motor. Then, this magazine will share the exclusive drive racer.

Magazine Cover templates psd

  1. The template of editable travel package magazine

Then, what do you know about this template free PSD? Yea, the cover of this magazine will show the picture of the natural beauty of the world. There will be available for you the travel package brochure, many amazing places to stay, and wonders of the world.

Magazine Cover templates for photoshop

  1. The cover template of rugby magazine

How about this one? You need to know that this PSD template free is suitable for rugby lovers. The cover of this magazine contains a picture of a rugby player. The information in this magazine is about the rugby club, shoot champion, and market trading for players.

Magazine Cover psd templates

  1. The cover template of the travel magazine

In this last magazine cover template sample, what can you get? The picture on the cover is a beautiful beach. It includes budget travel, summer getaways, and others.


5 Easy Steps to Make a Magazine Cover

If you want to create a cover for your magazine in this free download PSD, please do the following steps.

  1. Choose a magazine size

Here, please choose rectangular dimensions that will work well for the template.

Magazine Cover customizable psd design templates

  1. Choose a theme

Don’t forget to choose a theme that is related to the content of the magazine!

Magazine Cover example psd design

  1. Add the image

Any proper photos or graphics will be great to add the personality to the cover.

Magazine Cover in photoshop

  1. Use a consistent font for the title

It will make a powerful branding tool for the magazine.

Magazine Cover in photoshop

  1. Download for printing and sharing

Just prepare to publish the magazine!


Well, it is the resume of the magazine cover template printable. Have a nice try!




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