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Instagram Post Template: Finding Different Methods to Try


Hello, Instagram lovers! Do you want to share your Instagram post template? If the answer is true, don’t be confused with it! The information of this printable Instagram post template will provide two different methods that you can use. In this case, it allows you to choose one of the desired methods. Therefore, don’t wait for a long time to check both methods in the following information carefully!

Instagram post in psd design

How to Share the Instagram Post Template by Using Canva

The first method that you can try to post the template on your Instagram is by using Canva. Here, you need to do some available steps. So, please follow those steps in detail!

  1. Choose the template option

The first step in the sample Instagram post template is choosing the template option. To get it, please check an array of the template options on the left side! Actually, some cost money and the others are free.

  1. Click on the text box

Then, the second step that you should do in the free PSD template is tapping on the text box. You can write something in that box. Here, you may change the text color, font, size, and spacing. You can find it on the top screen.

Instagram post psd templates

  1. Tap the background

This PSD template free lets you tap the background of the image. It can filter the background also set the brightness and contrast of the image.

Instagram post psd templates

  1. Open the Canva app

The next step in this Instagram post template sample is opening the application of Canva. Here, you can click on the design on your Instagram post. Thus, you may click the option of Share on the top right.

Instagram post templates psd

  1. Tap “Import with Instagram”

In this step of the customizable PSD template, you can post the image by tapping “Import with Instagram”. It lets you save the image on your camera roll.

Instagram post templates for photoshop

  1. Choose the uploading

You can choose whether you want to upload the image to your Story or Feed. Besides, you can also edit the post like add tags, a caption, location, and others. Last, just tap Share on the top right!


The Other Method to Share the Instagram Post by Using Recitethis

In this second method, you will know 3 main steps that you must follow. So, here are the steps in this template free PSD.

  1. Enter the quote

This first step in the free download PSD allows you to enter your quote in the available text box.

Instagram post customizable psd design templates

  1. Tap the left or right arrows

Then, please tap the left or right arrows to check the templates and choose the desired one. Thus, this free template in PSD lets you click the button of Create in the text box.

Instagram post example psd design

  1. Click Download Image

To post the image to your Instagram, you have to click the option of Download Image. In addition, if you want to post it on your phone, you can email it to yourself.

Instagram post in photoshop Instagram post in photoshop

That is the useful information of the Instagram post template printable. Hopefully, it can be beneficial for you when you need this information.



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