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Mother’s Day Card Template: Giving the Special Gift


Do you want to give a special gift for your lovely mom on mother’s day? If you want it, you can create a mother’s day card template. Even though every day is a mother’s day, it will be very impressive if you give the printable mother’s day card template. Then, to make this template, you can follow the information below that will tell you about various kinds of templates in different designs. So, let’s check them!

mothers day card in psd design

5 Kinds of the Mother’s Day Card Template

To get more information about the kinds of this template, please pay attention to these kinds carefully!

  1. The card template of vector illustration mother’s day

This first sample mother’s day card template shows that if you want to create and design beautiful images, what should you do? Here, it is suggested for you to use such vector illustrations. By using this illustration, it allows us to beautify the card template nicely.  It means that you can add some pink beautiful flowers and green leaves. Besides, don’t forget to write the expression of Happy Mother’s Day in colorful text!

  1. The card template of happy mother’s day gift

Then, what is the second free template in PSD? Yea, in this kind of template, you may use a bunch of red tulips as a special gift for your mother. In addition, it lets you add a card template in the stalk of flower and the card is bundled with red ribbon. This special gift will be so attractive and great to give to your mother.

mothers day card psd templates

  1. The card template of heart-shaped

In this kind of the free PSD template, what can you find? Yea, you will see that this card template has a black heart shape. Then, on the card template, there will be a pink ribbon and an expression of Happy Mother’s Day in pink. So, it will good-looking because of the combination of the colors.

mothers day card psd

  1. The card template of Photoshop mother’s day

How about this mother’s day card template sample? You have to recognize that this card template is bifold. Then, for the color, it applies bright purple on the cover and white inside the card template. This color combination is so attractive, right? Besides, there will be such a quote and expression of Happy Mother’s Day inside the card template. For the quote, it looks short and so sweet.

mothers day card templates psd

  1. The card template of PSD mother’s day

For the last sample of this template free PSD, what can you know about it? If your mother likes blue color, you can use it for the background of the card template. Then, you can add the expression of I love you Mom on the pink heart shape. Even, it allows you to add the pink scale on the card. It will look so amazing.

mothers day card templates for photoshop

Easy Steps to Design a Mother’s Day Card

Here are the steps to design that card template in the PSD template free.

  1. Create an account

It means to create a new Canva account.

mothers day card psd templates

  1. Choose the templates

Then, you can choose the customizable PSD template from the library.

mothers day card example psd design

  1. Upload the photos

Here, please upload your photos!

mothers day card customizable psd design templates

  1. Edit the text

Next, in this free download PSD, it lets you edit the text and don’t forget to save it!

mothers day card in photoshop mothers day card in photoshop

This is the information about the mother’s day card template printable. Have a nice try!


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