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Anniversary Card Template: Make Your Anniversary Impressive


Surely, an anniversary is a special occasion of a wedding for a couple or work for friends or colleagues. If you want to celebrate it, you should make an anniversary card template. To do it, you have to recognize more about this printable anniversary card template. However, don’t worry about that! This well-designed template will be provided in this review. Thus, please give your best attention to it!

anniversary Card in photoshop

5 Primary Kinds of the Anniversary Card Template

This card template has 5 kinds that are mainly applied by many people. Do you feel curious about them? If it is so, let’s follow this free template in PSD!

  1. The card template of church anniversary event

You need to see that this sample anniversary card template has an elegant background. It is because the background has a great gradation color of black and violet. For writing, it uses gold color. It looks so impressive, right? In addition, this card template contains some main points that you have to know. They are the title, event date, and programs in that event.

  1. The card template of luxurious color peony anniversary

In this second free PSD template, what can you find? You have to recognize first that this kind of card template looks so beautiful because it is decorated with pink flowers. The flower decoration is in a circle shape. For the background, it applies white color. Then, in that circle, there are the components of the title and some notes.

anniversary Card in psd design

  1. The card template of wedding anniversary

How about this anniversary card template sample? Actually, this card template is in white background and the written is in black. Then, do you know about the elements in this kind of card template? Yea, there will be the title, invitation sentence, senders’ name, date, time, and event location.

anniversary Card psd templates

  1. The card template of sapphire wedding anniversary

The next free download PSD will tell you that this card template has a black background. Besides, there is a blue decoration that is in heart shape. Then, you will also find the other components like the title and name of the event. It is simple to see but it is still elegant.

anniversary Card psd

  1. The card template of customizable art deco style wedding anniversary

In this kind of customizable PSD template, you can know that this card template is in white background. What about the written and decoration of this template? Actually, the written is grey and the decoration uses art deco style. Then, for the elements, there is the title, senders’ name, day and date, time, and event location.


Steps to Design an Anniversary Card

Here are the steps to design or create an anniversary card. Just follow it in the PSD template free!

  1. Choose the template

The first step is choosing the desired template that you want to use.

anniversary Card templates for photoshop

  1. Add photos

Here, you may add your beautiful photos in this card.

anniversary Card templates psd

  1. Write to your wishes

This template free PSD allows you to input your sincere anniversary wishes.

anniversary Card psd templates

  1. Save the card

Don’t forget to save the card template to the computer and just print it!

anniversary Card customizable psd design templates anniversary Card example psd design

Anniversary Card sample

anniversary Card in photoshop

That is the resume of the anniversary card template printable. Learn it well!






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