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Post Card Template INU PSD in Standard Sizes

Postcard template INU 2020 presents some examples in PSD Photoshop that free downloading. That qualification is appropriate to your business necessary especially in the marketing program. However, this template does not only meet the need of a company but also personal. You can take this sample postcard template INU for inviting a particular guest. Even, it is useful for broadcasting or providing certain information and offering or promoting a product. In other words, it matches for serving a large audience. Well, let’s check this out!

Post card in psd design

Post Card Template INU Free Download PSD for everyone

Believe your matter about the postcard template here! Find your printable postcard template INU in high quality without effort and wasting time. Only in minutes, you will find the right template that your business or plan want to. The template Photoshop does not only free download and customizable or good quality. It still saves a secret why you can do it in a piece of cake in minutes. Transparency masks, guides, and layers are three elements that always follow each template. That is great!

Post card templates psd

Anyway, the postcard template INU sample is available and ready to download and modify. Look at below for checking:

  1. Flower Shop Postcard PSD Template Freefor Promotion
  2. Post Card Template Design for Catering Business
  3. PSD Template for Event Planner Postcard
  4. Business Post Card Template for Photographer
  5. Post Card for Small Business Template Free PSD
  6. Template of Business Marketing Post Card Design
  7. Holiday Post Card Template PSD for Business
  8. Post Card of Business Agency Template Design
  9. School Bus Post Card Design Template PSD
  10. Driving Post Card Template PSD Design

Post card in photoshop

Post Card Size and more Information

Enough for discussing the sample of the postcard template. Next, it invites you to know more about your customizable PSD design template. It will discuss the standard size of the postcard that you should attend to. You must obey it because it does not only generate the best postcard look but also save money. For more information, scroll down:

  • Postcard template should have a minimum size at 3.5″ x 5″. On the contrary, the maximum size includes 6. 125” x 11.5”.
  • The standard sizes include six sizes. It starts from 6″ x 11″, 6″ x 9″, 5.5″ x 8.5″, and 5″ x 7″. Besides that, 4.25″ x 6″ and 4″ x 6″ still includes the standard sizes.
  • The standard size of 4″ x 9″ looks long and narrow. Exactly, it is a sheet of paper that folds in half long. 5.5″ x 8″ is a big postcard that looks like a sheet of paper in a short half folding. Meanwhile, the size of 6″ x 11″ is pretty much big.

Post card psd templates Post card psd

Post card templates for photoshop Post card psd templates

Post card customizable psd design templates

Post card example psd design

Post card in photoshop

Okay, choose which size that you need, right now from postcard template INU printable above. It turns out the selection of the size is truly important and cannot underestimate. Once again, choose the best customizable PSD template postcard as the early step to work. You will like it and finish it without counting time and feel tired. Not spending money, of course, becomes the main advantage that you get from this template. Thank you for attending. Good luck!



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