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Trading Card Template: Two Simple Methods to Do


Do you want to create a trading card template? If the answer is true, you have to recognize the steps that you must do. There will be two kinds of methods that you can use. Then, this printable trading card template will help you to include both methods. So, to get the information about the methods, please follow the information below carefully!

Trading Card psd

The Simple Steps to Create a Trading Card Template on the Computer

Here, you will see the steps of creating this customizable PSD template on the computer. Let’s check them one by one in detail!

  1. Choose the word processing

The first step that you should follow in creating this sample trading card template is choosing the word processing software. Here, you need to be proficient in the chosen software so that the process will be easier. For the options, there are Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Photoshop, and others.

Trading Card psd templates

  1. Create the designs

Then, creating the designs of your cards is the second step in this free PSD template. For the designs, it depends on the trading card type that you want to create. It allows you to create a new folder on the computer to keep the character design files.

Trading Card templates psd

  1. Design the card template

To design this free template in PSD, what can you do here? Yea, you can use lines or shapes to create the outlines of the cards. Then, don’t forget to copy the whole shape and the elements and save the file!

Trading Card templates for photoshop

  1. Add design elements

In this step of the trading card template sample, it lets you add the characters or people in the trading card. Please use the high-resolution images for the cards!

Trading Card psd templates

  1. Add the details

What should you follow in this template free PSD? In this case, you have to add the person’s name on the top of the card. Then, you can add facts and information at the bottom of the card. Besides, please remember to choose a simple font that will be easy to read!

Trading Card customizable psd design templates

  1. Print the cards

To print the cards, it is suggested for you to use a thick paper. On the other hand, this PSD template free allows changing the settings of the printer to prevent any errors.

Trading Card example psd design

  1. Cut the cards

In this case, please cut the cards carefully to get the smooth of the edges!


How to Create a Trading Card by Hand

If you want to create this free download PSD template by hand, here are the steps.

  1. Prepare the materials

The materials are like thick paper, a pencil, markers or crayons, and a pair of scissors. Besides, there are also other materials for stickers, photos, and glitter.

Trading Card in photoshop

  1. Cut the cards

Here, please convince that all cards have the same size!

Trading Card in photoshop

  1. Decorate the cards

Actually, the designs depend on the type of card that you create.

Trading Card in psd design

  1. Add the important details

Just write the characters’ names at the top of the card! For the other details, you can put them at the bottom.

  1. Add the finishing

This step will make the card sturdier. Here, you may laminate the cards.


That is the information on the trading card template printable. Understand it well!



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